Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


Sad thing is I could bring a solid 10 players to the game but with all the current troubles ingame I just can’t be “that guy” who brings that headache to people maybe 1 day if or when pg gets their act together we will see an Influx of new players.


What I’m reading here is that across the leagues, they are a big number of ‘alt’ accounts to fill the teams (not 1 or 2 per team, but higher number sometimes). Doesn’t that cover the issue, that is a low player renewal cycle? Are ‘alts’ a shoot in the foot?


I, personally, don’t see any difference between now and 6+ months ago.

Are there players leaving the game? Yes.

Were there players leaving the game 6+ months ago? Yes.

I think this all comes down to your team’s leader and leadership actually being honest with themselves and making the right choices for the players on that team. Every team has a few players coming and going, at any given time, whether for vacations, going to play with friends on other teams, or etc. It is all about how the team prepares and manages the in/outflux of players AND how honest the players on the team are with themselves about their own activity and whether or not they are a burden to their team.

If you randomly have players just quitting the team, with no notice, it might just be a problem with the team and/or it’s leader(ship).

I guess in this long winded wall of text, what I’m saying is I think you are right, but I don’t think the problem is any worse or better than it has been before. Teams that may not be used to dealing with players leaving are finding themselves having to scramble to find replacements, because they are unprepared, they’ve gotten comfortable within that false sense of security that 50/50 provides.

It’s all in how you prepare and how honest you are with yourself :man_shrugging:Do some teams need a reality check? From what I’ve seen, yup.


A lot has changed in 6 months discount packs for only certain players,daily login gifts for certain players,gifts for quitting,atlas nerfing and many others all in the last 6 months which affects players morale and creates a general animosity between them and pg.


Well spoken.


None of that matters though. Players have always quit playing, taken vacations, etc.

Is the problem any worse than before? I don’t think so, it is just happening to teams that got comfortable with that false sense of security that 50/50 provides…


Ya I’m not sure how much worse it has gotten… it’s always been that way to an extent


Recruiting does suck, and it’s really hard to get 50 like minded people to come together, let alone STAY together. A death in the family here, a new job there, and boom. So and so was close to him, but he left so that person isn’t active anymore… it’s all a poop. I swear this is some misguided sociological experiment in the guise of a game.

I agree with the premise - breaking into smaller factions would be a more productive thing than sinking and losing people altogether. Would be especially cool to build a 5TA out of the newly bolstered teams.


I personally know 3 that have quit very recently due to the problems I mentioned and a handful that have dropped participation to an absolute minimum including myself I guess it has always been that way but I think there are more now then ever before I guess we can wait and see either way I can’t knowingly introduce new players to such a faulty game even the person who got me started in wd apologizes all the time for it lol.


I think there appears to be more now due to more vocal players on the forums dropping off, backing away from the game.

The forums are comprised of a very small, vocal, minority of the playerbase.

I tried to quit. There isn’t another game out there like WDs, even the various LCs I’ve been in, with many players expressing unhappiness with recent changes to the game, admit that and admit that they won’t stop playing WDs because there is nothing like it out there currently…


It won’t be the first time. This isn’t as bad as when Garnet was released. TONS of original/long term players quit back then.


And what of gold teams??


Many have put so much work into their team. Why just platinum?


In case you missed it, the OP was speaking from his/her experience only, hence the exclusion of Gold and Sapphire even.

And, no offense, but in my experience, most teams in Gold either want to be there, are climbing as fast as they can to Platinum and either have activity issues (50/50 war attacks), can’t fill their roster, or are just in no rush to make it to Platinum.

IMO, they should also heed the OPs advice, and look to help their players be successful, versus the team successful, if they are in bad enough shape…


Great thread, with great insight from all. So how many of you are ready to split your team up? Maybe we should find those who are willing, and let’s actually do it.



2: I completely agree with the OP, and this is something I’ve seen in other MMO games (Everquest and WoW specifically). The problem stems from the set size of the team and/or team activities. In EQ and WoW it was about filling all of the slots for a successful raid. The initial rollout of these games had massive raids (Everquest had 72-person raids in the beginning, and WoW’s were 40), but eventually they were scaled back (EQ went to 40 when WoW came out, and WoW went to 10 and 25 player options). Both games also have smaller group-oriented content for 5 or 6 players, so within the larger guild, you would have factions of 5 to 7 people who would largely stick together for group stuff, then everyone would come together for raids.

War Dragons doesn’t have this kind of structure. “Group” stuff is limited to you and 1 or 2 flying buddies (or defending buddies) on any given run. The “Raid” structure is wars, and everyone in the team needs to show up or you will likely lose by default. Reducing the size of teams would help, but who wants to be the one to decide who gets to stay and who needs to leave? And that doesn’t begin to cover the “who keeps the stuff” in terms of Atlas infrastructure and so on.

3: The table below shows the number of teams in each league, and by extension, the number of players in that league.


Something @Gox1201 said in a post a couple of weeks ago is tickling my brain, about how approximately 1,000 players were Vanguard when Vanguards were released, and that approximately 1,500 are Vanguard mythics now (with now being a relative term - dependent upon when he made the statement - damn this fuzzy memory of mine); that’s approximately 1,500 players at or above level 330 (to have Vanguards) and/or over 387 (to have expert Vanguards). I think it’s probably safe to say that the vast majority (not all, but if I were to hazard a guess, 85%-90%) of those players are in D1 and D2, with a few sprinkled across Sapphire for flavor.

I see attrition as a multi-faceted beast. There are people flat-out leaving the game for a variety of reasons (all boiling down to the frustration:reward ratio not being balanced enough to convince them to stay). Then, in the lower leagues, people are leaving their teams to filter up - because those positions are opening, and teams need to be filled. There are also instances of people self-selecting and sifting down (sandbagging), and also for a variety of reasons (primarily because they are big, mean bullies who like to stomp on those smaller fishies).

So how does one combat all of this? You don’t. The best you can do is adapt, and ideally, adapt better than the next guy. I, for one, am a fan of having strong leadership in a team. What does that mean? Well, for me, it’s having leadership that communicates - what are the team’s goals, how are we going to reach those goals, what structures are in place to support players, and how can we be nimble in order to come out on top when we have to adapt? Some of it is in having an updated team Wiki, and some of it is making sure that all of the officers and any other key members are able to field questions as-needed.

Good leaders inspire loyalty, and loyalty leads to success. Sometimes that may mean taking one for the team - literally - and looking for possible merger opportunities. Other times it might mean taking the 5 or 6 active people you have and moving to another team that is aligned with your goals.

But short of PG reducing the team sizes (which cannot and will not happen), I don’t see any other real solutions.



Though it was early September, it seems like eons ago that I penned a post emanating from frustrations more articulately, though not more succinctly, expressed by @BattIeBeard :

Since then, I had continued my search for a unicorn. Every time someone posted that they were looking for a group to fill their roster, I would reach out. I would search the Gold leagues for teams that appeared to have potential, but had poor activity levels. Every time, I would get similar responses (most politely, some not so much) - “we are solid; only need 10 more committed players”, “this is my team, no way are we going to merge, we can do this ourselves”.

I understood, and still do understand. I am not immune to hubris and was a prisoner to my own. I had worked hard to help get my team where it was, and wouldn’t want to let go, but we hit a wall. And we hit it again, and again and again. I finally came to the realization that my frustration was sucking the enjoyment out of the game for me when one evening I didn’t want to log in to do my war runs, defend, or even chat with peeps I had chatted with daily, some for 2 years. Though it pained me immeasurably to do so, I, along with 6 of my long-standing teammates, made the decision to leave for a team whose compliment we would fill - 50 strong. Although its only been a week or so, that spark has been rekindled. In addition, I continue to chat daily with my former teammates, who as it turns out understood my dilemma and supported my choice.

All this to say: I’ve been there. Building a team is a great responsibility, and is a source of pride. But recognize when you’ve hit a wall and don’t keep on doing the same things and expect a different result - that is the definition of insanity. Instead, do what is best for all of the members of your team. Sometimes the parts are greater than the whole.


I think its fairly safe to assume that gold etc is mostly inactives and alts

Also you can see your ranking in game during events - they have nowhere near that many active players


Absolutely accurate and valid points.


I have done that once before. Was hoping not to do that again. Right now I believe we still have hope, but if things get worse we’ll see what we need to do from here.