Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


You can try and use the atlas alliance as a platform of common interests. If you take an alliance in atlas and take a part one team you can distribute the good players and all the teams might even get new castles


Basically, from what I’ve seen, very close to none. I’ve been spamming for people pretty mercilessly the last few weeks, and we’ve picked up enough new members to get off of life support.

But for every new member who’s joined, there’s 2-3 who have responded to me saying they’re happy with their team… Really, you like having 35 people with a team activity of 45/100? Or they’re trying to rebuild themselves, so I’m welcome to join them in Gold 4! Um, no, thanks.

I mean, I get it… I briefly considered leaving while I was living in fear of war declarations since we had a number of people who never communicated (one basically spoke to us in Arabic and emoji, for example), but I have a lot of people I consider friends on the team. I would assume most teams are like that, and aren’t willing to give up the people they know to do a little better in a game.

So lump me in with the other 99% of players who would love to pick up 4-5 more active players, but isn’t willing to blow up their team to do so.


I amended the title from “A call to Platinum Teams” to “A call to failing teams” for this exact reason. As Jonsey said though, I am speaking of play because in the 18 months I have played at least 15 we’re spent in Plat. I am not the sort to start spewing assumed knowledge about a leave I have not been it for any length of time.


I can only speak for myself…

But i stayed in a dying team for 9 months… much like the 9 months of carrying a child I assume as it was torturous, tiring, draining… and I was excessively moody and cranky because most were lazy as hell…
But I loved those guys… but…
You have to finally cut the cord… and move on…

Much happier now! I think if you know what type of player you are… and you see your efforts are triple or more then 90% of your teammates… it’s time to jump ship and find a team that suits u better…


Response to how often this sentiment is expressed rather than the specific needs of you and your team:

The question is does your (general your, not specific to OP quote) team actually truly only need 4-5 more players? Or when taking a good hard look at the players they have and where they want to be, does it actually need 15+?

I think part of what @BattIeBeard is asking is for leadership (or even enterprising core members who can whisper in leadership’s ear) to take a hard look at their rosters and be completely honest about where they actually are. I suspect that many teams insisting they need just 4-5 more players would have no trouble letting 15 or more of their current roster go if they were to suddenly find themselves overflowing with applications from small groups of active players. I could definitely be wrong though.


You just equated pregnancy with playing a mobile app? Lul


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Well said as usual, my friend. Let this serve as testimony to others reading that not only do I, and others, believe in at least some of the ideas I have outlined–we are/were willing to do it ourselves!


Somehow this thread reminds me of someone creating recruitment thread.
Bronze, yet asking for crazy requirement…


Meaning that my post sounds like a recruiter with unrealistic expectations, or simply that it reminds you of other posts you’ve seen?

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@DocHoIIiday Beautifully said!.

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While I agree with everything said in this post (and can relate), my feeling is that market factors determine the shape of the leagues. There is a limited number of good, active players scattered through the leagues. I would suspect that higher ranked teams tend to have a greater ratio of those players than lower ranked teams. A team with 50 reliable players would probably balance out somewhere with a stronger team with fewer reliable players (or a team with a few dedicated very strong players making up for a larger number of slackers). If stronger players consolidated into fewer teams, it would just shift where that balance lies.


It’s worth noting that by “we” he doesn’t mean his actual team. His current leader takes orders from a bunny of the same breed as the one in Mech’s pic, and her opinion is that platinum teams “all suck” and “distract stupid people from giving me more hay.”

There’s a sucker born every minute. And I was right on time. :confused:

Theirs isn’t. He’s a deluded tyrant, mad with the intoxicating power that comes from commanding low platinum team. You know how it goes. :confused:

I inspire the ironic use of the word “bokens,” which is sort of like loyalty!

I think your new teammates also feel warmed by the bright sparks that have come their way!

e: for the benefit of others not in on the joke, I’m the leader of their new team, and everybody I replied to besides Jonesy is a teammate.


Well said!

I was a “I will never abandon my team!” kinda player. The very first team I auto-joined I outgrew fast but orchestrated a mergee for the 8 worth their salt into a former plat team and did what i could to continuously recruit and build up. But we got hardstuck at Gold 1 due to attendance and had the catch 22… if we kick as we say we will, then we’ll be on the dinner menu, and if we don’t morale will fall and we will stagnate and EVENTUALLY fall anyway.

So we kick, and then a few decent players jump ship. We drop back to Gold 2, we recruit back up, get to Gold 1 on the cusp of plat… and it repeats.

I had to cut ties because at this point, if you’re level 40+ and show up to wars, you’re PLATINUM MATERIAL, recruiting decent players in Gold is literally impossible because if they’re good and therefore informed… then they know they can do better and should NEVER settle for a team without Atlas. I’m in Plat 1 now and was scrolling for LFT posts and saw someone at level 43 LFT with 2 plat 3 offers within 12 hours of the post. That’s no okay. Level 43 is NOT platinum quality… at least, it SHOULDN’T be.

That’s the real problem. This game is so polarizing that literally all you need is war attendance and a level 40 account and you can jump right to platinum. I made an alt for my old team 2 weeks ago that is already 28 F2P. My main was 45 in under a month without knowing much. And the game impresses an incredible burden of knowledge onto players so you have to tackle the whole “Hey, you! Your base is garbage and you’re not breeding right! If you could start playing properly that would be greeeat! Also, never miss a war or we’ll kick you :sweat_smile:! Welcome aboard!”

We need a mass restructuring of teams. To apply to a team of a certain league your account should HAVE TO MEET certain war and medal requirements with strict level restrictions. There should be min and max levels. Like, bronze 10-50, silver 25-100, gold 50-200, plat 100-300, sapphire 150-400, diamond 200+.

If you’re ALREADY ON a team, you won’t be forced out for breaking level cap, or retroactively kicked for being too low. Will make alt juggling a bit trickier, but that’s an unhealthy solution anyway.

New teams should be on a provisional status for 4 events, matched first in Gold league and then go up or down depending on performance each time with a proper league assigned after “placement” events.

Once leagues are less vaguely defined and alts are a less reliable/effortless bandaid solution, maybe we could fix things.


how does one start a new team with a few level 300+ buddies?

Sandbagging is an issue though, but forcing people to move to a high league isn’t the solution IMO. Proper incentives should exist to encourage it. But the thing is 99% of a high level players rewards come from gold chests and personal event prizes, so their league is irrelevant… not sure there is a good fix for it.


@MikeH8sDisGame so once the team reaches a minimum number, let’s say 20-25 members? They’ll be given provisional events to complete in at different divisions to see where their relative skill lies, and then be assigned most likely to gold high as they’ll have too many based for Gold teams to be able to fight and promote to plat immediately.

Working out the kinks of forming new teams will be tricky, but level restrictions would essentially not kick in until the team is actually formed and placed. At least in my vision.


You also wouldn’t be able to start new teams in bronze either. You would have to start them in the minimum league for your level. This would essentially eliminate Bronze league (which maybe it should be anyways). But then a 300 could make a team and be in Sapphire right off the bat.


Well its an interesting idea. :slight_smile:


@JustBEAR if they can compete against other sapphire teams well enough in their provisional events, for sure they COULD skip right to sapphire. I don’t necessarily see that as bad. Probably healthier that way.

And bronze/silver are basically already dead and only exist to make Gold players feel relevant. My alt i just made skipped right to gold at lv 10. There will always be a low gold team with auto accept on. There’s no reason to ever be bronze/silver unless making a new team with friends for fun that will stomp up to plat in jo time anyway.