Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


So what’s to stop people from Sandbagging all over again? They have a 300+ form the team play for 4 events then form another team to be right back at Sapphire.


@JustBEAR sorry, i don’t quite follow. Can you elaborate?


I’m a level 302 I make a team called XYZ and invite 5 of my buddies. We go straight to Sapphire and play for 4 events, but won’t qualify to stay becuase obviously we are not a full team. So the team gets demoted to gold. I disband the team and make another Sapphire team named zyx. Wash rinse repeat while enjoying the prizes of sapphire

The system now isn’t necessarily broken. Is it tough? Hell yes. Is it “fun” to be a leader or officer? Kind of depends on how much of a masochist you are i guess.

The real problem is the lack of viable players because of the state of the game. If they make the game fun again there will be much more players and it will feel like 2015 again. Keep doing what they are doing and Gold will only exist to make platinum “feel relevant”.


@JustBEAR oh, i see. I need to elaborate what I meant by placements.

Okay, so you start in Gold, REGARDLESS of level. You compete in a random division in gold 2.

If you finish at the top 3-5, you go up to Gold 1 next event. If you finish top 1-2 skip to plat 4.

Repeat, with best results putting you at plat 2, then if you get best results again, sapphire 3, then finally sapphire 1. So, theoretically, it’s POSSIBLE to place into Sapphire 1 if you place 1st or 2nd in all 4 provisional events against established teams. But you would absolutely not be able to game the system the way you’re thinking.

If you place 6-20 you stay, bottom 5 you drop down.

Similar to placement matches in a ranked system.

Also, I personally already feel like gold only exists to make platinum feel relevant. I see no point of even playing without Atlas…


Look at all this fine debating. Thanks to all for their reasoned opinion and the effort I see being put into posts. :+1:


It’s called waiting for the update because there is no point in being in the game without atlas :rofl: :rofl:


@JustBEAR lol :rofl::rofl::rofl: you nailed it!


This is an excellent point. I suspect a lot of the teams that “need” 5 people actually need 15+. When you’ve got a small group of 5-15 players on a team that have gotten used to carrying the rest (the situation faced by most P3-P4 teams), your brain starts to make compromises that you don’t actually want to make, but do by necessity. The only people you feel you “need” to replace are the ones who periodically slip into 0 event points or miss wars–as in, the people who are pure liabilities but who are awkward to kick due to friendships with other members.

What’s also tricky is that beyond those, there’s a sliding scale between “war misser” and “aspiring D1 leader,” and knowing where to set expectations for your team is hard. E.g., low platinum is full of people who’d probably be better fits on gold league teams (some activity, but kind of erratic; won’t fix their base even when patiently led through the process, and have random deviations from breeding paths). And there are also people who are probably low plat lifers (solid individual contributors, but resent attempts to organize team actions). And then there are lunatics who have a comprehensive understanding of most mechanics of the game and sometimes have 500k+ token breeds. And usually, people in all these categories have friendships with people in all the other ones, but also different expectations. This leads to frustration, and also resentment if it’s someone else (e.g., the team leadership) making a decision about who gets to play with whom.

Everyone’s got different expectations of what they want from their team in terms of combinations of knowledge, activity, power, and jibba jabba. (Don’t neglect jibba jabba; it’s the main factor that keeps most players from quitting.) There aren’t really wrong combinations of any of these, but I think more honesty with what the players actually want is good. Do you want to be the best? Cool, apply to Dreadnought. For everyone else, it’s worth thinking about what we really want.


Oh have I ever been there! I’ve played for close to 3.5 years. Spent the first two struggling through the things you’re going through. My advice is to network with the teams that are doing the best. Work your way in and find that team that you are looking for that has the drive to move forward. It may take you several teams before you find what you’re looking for but they are out there. I’m in an awesome team now. Not everyone is always 100% but they do show up for war and participate at a high level. I haven’t been in Plat in a long time. In diamond now and have been for awhile. Good luck!


Sure there’s are sandbagging players but there’s are also high level accounts that’s just don’t have the time to meet the demands of higher level leagues. I have seen hard core grinding level 300s forced to drop down when real life issues happen. New jobs, babies, family matters all should take priority. Forcing a 300 to play in a league he/when cannot keep up with the demands will just open the door for more good players to leave the game. I’m level 200 Officer in S3 and consider myself a pretty strong grinder. This has led to burn out on a few occasions where i drop down to our gold feeder team to take a break, help with newbies and not stress over showing up for a war wave in middle of the night. This keeps me fresh when I’m ready to go back to my main team. How’s do we account for that in this proposal? I do think changes are necessary, but Inc born sure gown we account for this inn the solutions.

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I don’t think it’s the system that needs changed per say. I think it is the attrition of players that ultimately needs to be solved. Make the game fun and people will play. It has been several years that I have said and heard many people say that the only reason they are still here is for the people. That can only last for so long before they figure out they can just chat on Line and not have to deal with the bullshit of the game.


Old game I played did not have leagues but teams were based on levels, so most people were within a range level wise because your wars were gaged against the average base of each player.

So when leagues were introduced to the game they still had players all in groups with a few lower players, but because lower players didn’t have backs like this game most teams did not take on lower players because it was a sure loss if all the players were higher on the other team.

When new teams were created you would automatically go to the league that your level corresponded to. As was mentioned above. The other thing was new teams could not be started with less then 10 players. They ran teams of 30. The mechanics worked fairly well.

Edited to add: The old game also matched teams with less players against same teams. So if a team only had 10 players they were only matched with a team of 10. There was problems with this though with matchmaking taking an extremely long time. You didn’t pick who you were going to war the game did.


That’s totally inaccurate gold is not inactive.same problems as any other league.Most teams in gold1 have 100/100 activity. It’s the commitment I’ve been in Sapphire 1. Most in gold have lives to live aren’t on the game as much. Do I wish most of my teammates we’re like me an addict sure but not reality. I’ve asked other teams to merge, or merge into them. Currently speaking to someone now that has Atlas and their team died from a merge. Who knows if anything will come of it🤷‍♀️.We do not have Atlas and have lost members due to that.


And yes we tend to use alts just like Platinum and Sapphire it’s necessary it seems. This is one of my alts🤣


@CoL4615 Gold isn’t inactive, but it is the new bronze. New players with 0 knowledge, skill, or potential can join gold immediately after tutorial.

Because of that, the bar is low throughout gold and now you can skip to platinum at level 40 if you have perfect war attendance. Which means any gold team without Atlas is basically dead on its feet and auto join or a dozen alts is the only way to keep it afloat.



Making the game more fun and shifting focus from whales to active and new players is the only way for the game to survive.

The whales aren’t going to quit, especially if low spenders get a boost, they’ll dig in their heels and refuse to let newly revitalized players come for their goodies.

What they need to do is have a campaign to boost progression for players that scale towards lower level players and focuses on bringing them up without a single thought to “but my 300+ account got no love!”

And they need to release, very high value, very low cost, 1 time but packs that are truly worth the money but whales can’t abuse.

And finally, they need to add a line of personal achievement activities. Like, fighting an immortal base with towers you CAN’T kill to see how long you can survive, or some other challenge like that.

And they need tier restricted events/battles where players fight on equal footing and someone with 3 years experience has no advantage over someone with 3 months aside rider gear investment and runes.


This is not always true. My base sucks and will most likely suck forever because trying to fix up a kill island outlevels me.


You just found the problem! Yay! Atlas is so necessary now that a player who can join a team with Atlas (majority of players) will always do so and not join a Gold team.


It’s NEVER too late…


I tried. By the time it was relevant for the level when I started I was 5 levels up.