Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


You’re still a wee laddie, lots of time still :wink:


If you’re trying to fix it, you’re not one of the people I’m talking about. :wink: I am talking about people who get individual help in which other players patiently tell them exactly what to do with their existing towers and how to rearrange them, and why, so that they don’t see the same base being targeted 300 times during the next temple raid, who still somehow fail to change things.

(Now I’m having a horrible flashback to my Gold V team, where over the course of several hours I explained–repeatedly–why a player should change things and how, only to get the final question of “where’s my mid long island”? Gee that’s a real stumper, it’s probably the short one at the end? )

(Also, you’ve probably got plenty of time to fix it. What’s your level?)


Ah. I am not exactly trying hard to fix it anymore :grimacing: Level 139


Well I thought maybe this was a bit exaggerated, but then I see the post of a level 43 looking to join an Atlas team, and the resulting scrum for her.

@Dracagor at 139, your base is fixable. Being in the 250 and up range and having to fix a base, now that’s tough.


Though we’re going a bit off topic, I will offer something toward your dilemma:

I had a 7 island base until my mid lvl 60s, and slowly worked down to something defendable. Throughout that whole time, I had been hearing and believing the same concept that is hampering you: Over leveling. While I agree that it is possible to several handicap one’s base by building too much, recent discussions with my higher level team mates regarding the dreaded “300 wall” offered me a bit of insight that may help you. You can start breeding Obsiodion tier dragons at lvl 182, and my lvl 220 you can get your Obsidion Mythics to breedable. From there, you have to wait until lvl 300 before you can breed your first Harbinger. The xp required to attain lvls past 200 is significantly more than what is required for you (and I) to gain a lvl now. In short, there is time, your base/dragons will catch up to each other once you’re standing at the base of that wall.


Just want to clarify: you have to wait till 300 to hatch your harbinger eggs. You can certainly breed some before 300 (see my mighty eggs that will soon be…waiting for my incubator to upgrade?).


Overleveling is barely a thing. Everything slows to a grinding halt at 300 anyways so it’s all relative.

More to the point, the benchmarks I use are if I can solo my own invader base, I’m not overleveled. If my level is 1 or fewer “tiers” ahead of my divines, I’m not overleveled. What I mean by this is at level 137, divines reach Sapphire evolution so as long as you have a Sapphire dragon by then, or shortly afterwards, you’re not overleveled. Garnet is at 158. I’m 163 and about to breed 2 Garnets. Not overleveled.

It’s not too late to fix your base! I made the grave mistake of building an electro flak on my alt instead of an ice flak and am now forced to suffer the consequences but damn it I’ll make it through!


A few thoughts:

  • A Gold team without Atlas is not, by its very nature, doomed. I spent most of my time so far playing in just such a team. We steadily increased our roster size, consistently won events, and moved up in leagues once we felt strong enough to do so. So there is some hope.

  • There are still many interested and active teams in Gold. But in the bottom tiers of Gold, and in Silver and Bronze, there are many near-empty or heavily-inactive teams. And while I’m newer than many of you, so I don’t have the history to compare to, I’ve seen a lot more teams lately that contained 10+ alts. So new player dropoff is definitely a serious problem.

  • Many players don’t so much feel tied to a specific team as they do to people. And that’s the issue with the thread’s proposal. As people have pointed out - including the thread on why people still play - it’s the other players that give the game staying power. So not so many people are willing to abandon their friends, even if it might improve their rewards.

  • Especially with the increased focus on Atlas, there’s something of a catch-22. If player interaction is limited by certain mechanisms (thereby allowing players to have more fun with the game itself, competing against similarly-matched teams, etc.), the number of players to interact with drops, making the game less fun.

    In contrast, if it’s unbounded (thereby allowing players to interact more with individuals in other leagues, dragon tiers, etc.), then new players hit the F-that point fast - they can’t contribute in a meaningful way, and lose what they worked so hard for, to players who could literally beat them with their eyes closed.


Good and well explained points. :+1:

I would however argue, that in most instances this statement supports my idea. It is most definitely the people and interactions we experience in the game that keep many of us flying. But even within a single team, players are stratified by their schedules, time zones, personal interests, lvl, etc. Of course, there is an overall bond within a team of 50; but I would argue that most people, if pressed, could come up with a list of around 5 people who they absolutely would not be willing to part from. For the rest: ties are easy enough to maintain if you wish. I maintain a Line chat with the members of my old team. But I am with the people I have flown with the longest and most closely on a new adventure amid fresh and friendly faces; that is plenty for me.


I think you have some good points. But I think it’s a little more complex. Of my list of five, how many do you think would have the exact same list? It wouldn’t be unsurprising to find that each of them would name at least one person who wasn’t in my five. And fair odds that each of those extra people would also have at least one person in their five who wasn’t previously listed. Suddenly we’re looking at a dozen or more people who want to move together.

And while this works for some merges - my team was, at once point, down to that highly-active core of 35 or so, before taking on a big group like this from another team - I’ve seen a similar issue with players who want to move. Even those who are willing to abandon their teams are often unwilling to leave their friends behind.

And that, in turn, results in scenarios where either you turn away a group because you don’t have enough open slots, kick existing players to make room for people in the new group, or try to get the group to split up. I can’t speak for other teams, but mine doesn’t kick people unless they break the rules, so that option is out. And of the many teams we’ve looked at merging with over the past few months (or the large groups we might have taken on), not a one was willing to accept an option that didn’t include all those they wanted to bring.

I…just don’t see many scenarios where neatly bite-sized groups leave a team. And of the groups that do move, because of the closeness of the group that you speak of, few, if any, are willing to break up further to suit the open spots in your roster.


I guess I agree with some of that. Wouldn’t do me any good because I would still be quitting as I’m fully entrenched in the 300 wall.


You are certainly not wrong. We are presented with a fairly complex situation indeed. Not all teams need consider my proposal for themselves. There are definitely many teams, however, who would…to put it bluntly…be better off dead. If the active members of the team are giving it their all; if the recruiting officers are giving it their all, and you’re still stuck in the same league you’ve been in for months or on a slow decline: it may be time to consider other options. I’ve watched my team mates grow frusterated to the point where they consider quitting the game altogether, because they are dissatisfied with their team (Edit: among other issues) but their loyalty prevents them from leaving. I never said it would be easy. I used the word sacrifice several times in the OP, and did so for a reason. The members of failing teams need to ask themselves if they are getting what they want out of the game, or if it has just become a war of hope and frusteration. I say: if you’re at the point where the frusteration of your struggling team overshadows the enjoyment of the game, consider a fresh start. And if your loyalty to your team mates is such that you care what happens to those who are not able to migrate with you, set up and help them. Post a company of 4-8 active players of any level on the recruitment thread, and see how fast they come a-running. There are plenty of good people in this game, they aren’t all on your team, even if it feels that way. (Arbitrary “your” not specific.) I suppose the question is:
Would you rather spend your days bailing water out of a sinking ship with the best crew you’ve ever known; or do you all take the chance and go in groups aboard more seaworthy ships to new horizons. If every one of those more sturdy ships now has a handful of people who you care about, and who care about you, on it are you not now part of a might Armada, who’s each ship is stronger than your dear sunken hulk?
Philosophy :man_shrugging:


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@BattIeBeard you complete me.


@AngelVonWolf Have you been drinking? :smirk:


@JustBEAR for 300+ players, a fun and engaging endgame needs to exist. They need more to the game, simply put. More game modes potentially. Atlas is kind of that but… it’s pure grind.


Its not. When your event points is 0 go look at your rank.


Was that because garnet dragons are so terrible? Worst tier so far for me …


No it was due to how it was released after sapphire. which is common pace now…


Getting the “Soild” (doesn’t mean paying) players is the most difficult. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a 50/50 roster. Especially if you use the “Recruit” button. To me that is a waste, it quite possibly fills your rosters but as you stated the quality of player to answers those is very questionable. I also believe most players who are serious about the game just go through and press delete on those invites anyway, I do.

A personal, thought out invite for players you may have come across and from their stats give a good indication of their activeness is one, if not the best approach.

Recruiting on the forums may be second best. Again, no guarrantee, but if they are active in the forums, most are here I think, to learn and contribute, at least they are showing a bit more interest.

Regardless, you may get an active player, but they may not be a “Team” player and insist on playing their “own” game, which is fine, but not a person I enjoy dealing with in the team. I don’t care if they are a level 650 and the rest level 200s. For a team to be really successful, it has to be an unselfish work together for the betterment of the team. Not the individual and the Officers need to kick asap, they’re poison.

So, comes down to the balance of having the 50/50 and weeding out the vampires as quickly as possible. Good luck. My idealistic team is one where everyone plays as often as they reasonbly can (in other words the makeup of the team is of “like” active players) so don’t have to worry about mins, or a bunch of players with near zero scores, but where everyone has a decent score to the point where there is internal competition to have a top ten score within their team (in this case each individual’s score probably makes the average player on other teams look sad).

You would think it wouldn’t be that difficult to find good players, of like mind, from teams with 30-50% lower contributors, willing leave those players and create a good team.

I’ve heard from many a player over the years that they have a RL, sure, but give 24 hrs advance notice of unavailability so the Officers can kick and bring in an Alt. Unless there is an emergency there is NO excuse not get be on for at least 15 mins sometime that day! But when joining a team players need to be upfront and honest as to how much you are willing to do, does it line up with that teams activity level and vision. If not, don’t join, it’s not fair to the team, or its Officers who put in too much work as it is to keep the team moving forward. But unfortunately, some think it’s all about them, so will join, take advantage of the team to farther their goals, then either will get kicked by “responsible” team mgmt or they eventually quit with no notice once they’ve got what they wanted.

Sorry now there’s a soapbox🤣 But really be nice wouldn’t it? I know, there probably are other current or former Leaders who read all of this and they are rolling on the floor crying with laughter as if that will ever happen