Stagnation: A Call To Failing Teams!


I don’t want any players that poop their pants. You can have them all!


Yeah, there are a bunch that fit that category, but not what I meant!:grin:

New Gold IV Team In Need Of Players

This is exactly what’s goin on with my team as we speak. We go from plat 4 to plat 3 non stop ,people missing simple and easy war runs or won’t do it with out back up. We have a lot of solid players its only 2 all the time that screws everything up and trien to find two players as simple as it may seem it’s hard to find solid players anymore


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Bring in Alts. Ask team members if they will create an Alt. Have system set for review only, a very low minimum. Get the Alts to apply and on your application list, then raise the min lvl back. Now KICK those 2 immediately. Else eventually you will lose good dedicated players to greener (perceived) pastures.


Why was this message flagged?:thinking:


I didn’t do it, but I would say that it’s likely flagged because it is off topic. This is not a recruitment thread, or the recruitment section of the forums. You’ll notice in a bit over 100 posts there is nobody else trying to make a pitch. While the flagged post does provide us with an example, it is, in fact, contrary to the entire point of this thread in that I opened discussion based on the idea that teams who only “have a solid core of players” should be trying to find a team, rather than seek members to merge with them.


by the time the leader will accept to go down this path, there will probably only be 30 players who are more than placeholders. The other teams in the alliance would probably have about 7 placeholders or players they are willing to kick each. Add a couple who decide they might as well jump ship and youve split a dying team, while still having the members work together in atlas and be able to chat.


I think that what you have said can be applied to all teams, regardless of what league level they are in. You have said it in such a great way in my opinion that, yes, there are teams that have reached a certain point need to honestly look at their team and do the right thing. I have been with 3 or 4 teams in the Gold levels, moving on when I feel I cannot positively contribute to the team anymore. I still keep contact with some of my old team members best I can.