Start making the new tier evolution stones optional

Every 6 months we get a new tier and the following season the stones for that tier become a requirement to finish any of the legendary dragon lines. The vast majority of players are years away from being anywhere near the new Vanguard tier yet we’ll be forced to get that stone if we want to go for the mythic in the fall season and onward and thus each season the mythic will cost more and more. It really seems counterproductive towards the whole idea of making the seasonal mythic more realistically obtainable for everyone. By the time most of us ever get to that tier there will probably be another 6 tiers or more out and those seasonals will have become completely outdated and irrelevant

I’d really like to see stones past Harbinger become optional purchases for any of the seasonal dragons. If you want those stones to take that dragon up to that tier then it’s your choice to go for them but the price overall to obtain the mythic shouldnt keep going up. Maybe it could work in that to obtain the mythic’s Vanguard and beyond stones you’ll need to have gotten those same stones for the two legendaries


Given the lv300 wall, it will be years, or even decades…

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Maybe now is the time to review and lower the cost/xp of legacy dragons overall to lower the gap and help players move up a little easier.

Most games have a legacy cost reduction, time we did also, like in real life where age reduces cost.


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