Start using our money PG

Atlas fails to start. The portal does not work correctly , when are you going to start using the money we keep spending to fix this two issues .so many dragons without runes. New events in atlas not happenning and so many other bugs.

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The sad customer support…

Atlas could not be setup.

This has been going on for too long. FIX IT.

We don’t need chest animations. We need basic game functionality to work. That includes the correct list of top dragons in the info window (Neptus still needs attention). Even that is more important than chest animations.


I’m pretty confident that they are using our money. Maybe not on support agents. But definitely on something.

Booze? Boats? Beautiful women (or men for the ladies and those who swing that way)?

I just read on Glassdoor that they offer a company pantry full of free food. There’s some money right there. Glad to know we helped satisfy their nutritional needs.

Really they could be spending it on just about anything. The only things I can definately rule out are support agents and software developers.

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Hookers n blow. Come on, it’s Cali!


Guess what i just updated atlas and still having issues loading

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