Started playing the game again after more than a year of inactivity have some questions

Hi i started playing Dragon Wars a little over a year ago but stopped playing until a few days ago. when i lasted played they hadn’t added dragon riders and i have been trying to find this info myself but i can only find information on the season specific riders but there are 4 dragon riders (Warrior, Vanquish, Conqueror, and Defender) that all require the same type of shard to get them so my question i guess is how can i get the Red Dragon Rider shards or are they even still available

You need to join a team that has Atlas.

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You get Dragon Rider shards in Atlas - events and Bazaar.

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As the others said you get them from atlas. The other rider shards you get from the season branches.

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Save your sigils for the defensive rider coming out in a few weeks and get him! Even if you end up joining an atlas team he’s your best bet this season. IMHO


do any of you know if there are any Atlas teams recruiting

You can always post a Looking for Team post in the LFT category and see who replies.

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going through the LFM posts now … thanks for the help

only at lvl 42 right now so probably best to get over lvl 80 before i try to get into a platinum or saphire league team

Yes I would. Some gold teams also have Atlas.

See this post and search up some of these…

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