Starting over after taking a break for a couple of years

I played for a couple years, but got burned out. Quit shortly after the Howi was released… Have a 4XX account out there somewhere, but decided it might be more fun to start all over and get to enjoy the process of unlocking new dragons and such at a much more enjoyable pace, as when I quit, it felt like I was in the same tier of dragons for a couple of months or longer…

So what’s the new base META? I remember the fundamentals, but no idea which towers even exist now, let alone what I should work towards…

Has anything changed fundamentally since maybe 2019ish?

Still on a Fort > PVP > Breed > PVP event cycle?

Any other tips for a long time player starting over would be awesome. I have already downloaded copies of the various planners, and took a little peek at @Morreion 's awesome site.

Thanks in advance, and happy to be back!


Force enemies to take longest possible time before they can reach 70% destruction mark on your base is the meta.

Which pretty much answers what the dragon meta is; speed is king.

Minor(fortification) > Major > Minor(breeding) > Major pattern still holds true.


Just log back into your older account and see what resources you still have. It’ll still be better than to start from scratch especially with merge and transform anyways.


I Second that.
If you don’t… like the rest of us… build an orrey


I agree, start again with your old account. It could be tidied up quickly. Find a good, active team….I think this is very important!

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I agree with starting from your old current. With discounted tower and breeding tiers, tower merging options, there’s really no point in starting from the beginning.

I guarantee you’ll have more fun jumping into a Plat team (hint: check out RunningNaked!). I have a mini-ni account and it’s a pain in the neck. I just started it as a side project.

To be honest, I doubt the game is attracting new players. All of Gold is riddled with 1-2 member teams at 500-600 and it’s @#$@#$ absurd. Even Gold 1 teams.


If you also don’t like the inflated prices “RUN FOR THE HILLS!”

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Towers are heavily discounted up to level 85 (and maybe higher soon). It is much easier to fix a base if your towers are below that level.

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The addition of Krelos

Most of the above comments say to start from your old account and one key reason to add is because of this dragon.


Interesting, thanks for all the feedback. Not worried about fixing my old base aside from the fact that all my towers were from a long since forgotten meta - had the minimum number of towers possible to all be capped by builder’s hut, etc.

If there are catch-up mechanics in place, that might make the progression pace bearable again for a while :thinking: .

Discounts in breeding.

Discounts in building/upgrading up until tower level 85.

Both discounts will be further extended once the new tier releases in a week.

Oh, and discounts in primarch level up costs too, added after the release of gold tier primarchs.


Oh, and, join a team that has concrete 40 members who do what they are supposed to do for some free riding until your old account can be back on its feet.

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90% discounts up to this point, then it slowly shrinks until 135s and up (iirc) where discount ends


Welp, just logged into my old account, at the recommendations of everyone… Apparently I had Medusys in the incubator when I left :rofl: . Came back to a bunch of team prizes ext of atlast crafting shards, etc - which was nice too lol.

Towers are level 94, so the idea of rapid progress is not quite as likely as I had hoped. I am going to be very casual, but at the same time - sitting in a dragon tier using the same 2 dragons on repeat for months on end is one of the reasons I left to being with. Oh well, it will be interesting until it isn’t :rofl:


Abyssal is discounted at 70%, and Eldritch is at 55%. New tier coming out this season, so there will be another discount coming soon.

Imho, breeding is harder to progress through than towers, I don’t even worry about timers at this point. Definitely join a Plat team with castles (hint hint), and you should get a nice zip in your progress!


I agree, get on an atlas team with castles, and there is still discounts available to you. Get your breeding in line first, this means egg tokens! Your base can be fixed with merges with the new style of towers, may mean your lvl doesn’t increase for a while as you will be n a deficit.
See it as an adventure! Lol

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I am also concerned with the power creep, and the fact that I am 3+ years behind. To illustrate when I quit and where my dragons are relative to the new meta - I quit playing shortly after I got Xul.

Here’s a shot of my base: all 94’s aside from the back red mage (23) and back storm (75). I THINK I had to build SOMETHING in order to get my level up to upgrade builder hut to un-cap the other towers, which is why those are behind the others… but it was a long time ago (I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night), so I don’t remember exactly.

I do have 18 towers in storage - lvl 22 and under from way back before I learned to grow up not out.


Xul is fine in today’s tower meta. Arguably better than Barbend after Barbie got nerfed.

I’ve also found Ikaros, Quasar, and Lockjaw to be usable. They might not be able to hit up 3 tiers like they did before, but I think they are capable of hitting 1x up (we’re not talking endgame bases here).

For tower merging, check out Tower Transformation calculator - Neon War Dragons


Swap out your storms with orreries, either by merging or transforming.

Swap out of either of your dark or fire flak with another ice flak and use the remaining one as a filler.

Swap out your ice turret with a… drakul pylon maybe.

Then relocate your towers.

Should be good enough

How are your defensive gears?

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So to paraphrase: swap out and relocated almost everything… then it should be good enough :joy: . Thanks for the tips, I do appreciate it! :beers:

Nah, you still get to keep 3 mages, 1 CH, and 1 ice flak along with a filler flak, preferably as a fire flak rather than a dark flak.

Just 4 need to be swapped out. :sweat_smile: