Starting: Withermoon Season in Atlas

So my team just did a guard swap in atlas. I got 160 chests and 16.5K badges:

I just have one question before I start spending those badges, and that question is…
What should I spend my badges on this season? What would be the BEST thing to get this atlas season? I was thinking of getting the rider, OR getting the blue shards from the rider and using them to get a rider from previous atlas seasons. I’m also level 108, so if there’s anything a level 108 SHOULD have, what would it be?

On a side note: I started atlas at the end of the last atlas season, so what I did last season was just carelessly distribute portions of badges across different branches for certain prizes, because there was no point in actually TRYING to obtain something like a rider or something.

In my opinion gear and shards are critical. As you upgrade gear the shard costs get expensive. Good gear makes any dragon or defense significantly better for any level. If you have strong gear at your level you will be significantly stronger than others at that level range. And as you get better dragons you can easily switch that gear to them and then the new dragons will be much stronger in an instant.

If you are really active in atlas then the primarchs buffs are valuable.

I have one atlas rider which I really like but great gear on a decent rider is stronger than decent gear on a great rider . At least in my experience that has been the case.


Ok, thanks!

Np. Good luck this season! Getting your gear strong will make you very happy!

Totally depends how active you think you’ll be in atlas and how much glory you think you’ll be able rock earn.

Like, will you try to get a full line complete for mythic gear? Or just go part way through for best rewards you can? Of course you might not know till closer to the end of the season, which makes planning harder.

If you don’t have a defense rider, Crom is an amazing defensive rider that could help your base a lot, however, at lower level you don’t see as much benefit from it necessarily.

There’s are several great options of past offensive riders if you are in need.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to complete the full mythic line, then getting the rider and claiming as much shards as you can from the elite lines might be your best option. The most efficient/cost effective way is to go to each “gear” prize one at a time on each of the 4 elite branches and CLAIM THE SHARDS (while continually crafting gear for elite gear). Go to the first gear piece on each line then move to working towards the second.

If you have elite and/or plan to invest a lot of time and effort into it and want the mythic gear, then of course you have to stick to offensive or defensive (but you should chose the shards instead of Elite gear - as they can be crafted without too much difficulty).


Always go for primarch buffs first.


Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi can anyone tell me that how much total glory needed to train crom expert ?

Check the ‘levels’ tab at:

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Thank you got the answer :pray:t3:

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