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now that I am playing this game for over 2 years I´ve come to the point of being close to quit the game. Which is very sad since simply the combination of the dragon theme, skill-based fights and the whole pvp aspect are still quiet unique.

From my point of view never before have been more things wrong in this game then now. The list can be probably pretty long, I´d like to break it down to three major issues.

Players: Basically all types of players face a situation they are unhappy with imo. New players have to grind through breeding plans for months without ever seeing a single useful lineage dragon. Back in my days it was INCREDIBLE to have Amarok and brawl through bases. With introduction of fire, ice and flaks basically all lineage dragons below sapphire tier are useless. Ask yourself: when was the last time you´ve been using a lineage dragon below sapphire tier for war runs? I honestly can´t remember even in garnett level. Midsize players are demotivated since the sapphire wall hits pretty hard only to find out that the garnett and emerald walls are as high. With the perspective of another dragon tier coming pushing it further and further away to be useful it´s not helping either. Well and I guess Topplayers are kinda bored since they bred all they need only waiting for “new stuff” to come out.

Where is the fun?

To add another aspect: variety and creativity: we are going though one season after the other gaining 4-7 dragons per season. Wow so great… it seems as if all the creativity went to Atlas. So many great ideas in Forums how to improve the main game and basically nothing is being programmed. How about new events or dragon skills or when leveling up creating a dragon you can chose your spells (e.g. for 4 spells in total and for each spell you can chose among 3 options) or …. but no! Always the same!

Balance: Never before has balance been that screwed imo. Some weeks ago a Noctua was soloing a 400M Base with defenders! Now it can be shot down by good defenders on a lvl40M base WHILST lvl60 towers came out and some big guys have over 1B defense power. The fact that tower levels and their strengths are screwed actually is unbelievable … probably worse then all the war screw ups (well to be fair: THANK YOU for fixing pre-war attacks! I am really grateful since this is a big improvement).
The answer to all this is creating stronger towers and and stronger dragons! Well guess what: those stronger dragons are available only to a very very small amount of people so in fact of getting balance back it is getting worse: We will see more overpowered dragons flying through lower level bases like nothing while other players will be basically untouched because of their lvl60+ towers. All this driving the gap between “bigs” and “smalls” just further away.

Atlas: You want to play a strategic game based on teamplay and coordinated defense and attacks? Wanna enjoy the fun of conquering lands and trying to defend them later on? Wanna enter a pvp based world with loads of opportunities starting from forging gear over improving your garrison to the point of receiving rewards in events?

That´s how I would describe Atlas if I would have to. Sound cool? Well it is in a way (next thing I have to admit: it is better then expected and I was VERY VERY much against it). Problem is if you read the description and expect a cool game experience you will be disappointed! It is simply obvious it was not designed to be it´s own game but simply an improvement of a test.

Yet with Atlas came a shitload of new problems! Lets start with development capacities: anyone noticed how many Atlas bugs fixed compared to main game bugfixes last update? Yes folks… although PG always say it is “different people and differen ressources” working on Atlas, the one thing is the ultimate truth: where does the money flow? And it is Atlas, like it or not.

Apart from some bugs Atlas is simply killing the fun for players like me for three reasons:

  1. Time spending: in order to be successful in Atlas you need to invest A LOT more then in main game. Not only money and rss (yes it increases spending big time), but most of all time. It starts with stupid gold grinding and ends at attacking or defending at coordinated times – taking hours to do so. That is simply not compatible with my family life anymore.

  2. Team Balance: Minor detail is also there are simply no boundries! Put a lvl400 with some troops on a fort and leave it… how many teams are actually able to conquer that even if it is undefended? There is a league structure in the main game for a reason which screws balance in Atlas big time. I wanna see a Platinum team trying to fight for a land for days being happy to win it. Only to see one lvl300+ Sieger with thousands of troops being bored annihilating all in less then an hour … yeah that’s fun for the small team!

  3. Beta teams with advantage: one of the biggest mistakes of the entire game was simply LEAVING the people who tested beta in there and simply adding the rest. The advantage they have is something new teams can never pick up. It is like serving a cake for a handful of people and leaving breadcrumbs for thousands to follow. In addition people on forums said that the rewards from Atlas are not that big and not giving such a big advantage: I´m sorry but that is bullshit! Teams having a 1 year headstart hoarding lands and sweeping other teams of the map like nothing gain SO MUCH MORE then the majority of the players. I don´t wanna hear the “but they used rubies for beta and …. “ shit. Fact is clans having beta for over a year now profit so much more from it then new clans entering now which don´t stand a chance against any of the big settled teams in there

Overall I am very sad how things develop. If game play and activity will be directed more and more towards Atlas I might simply stop playing and I predict a big exodus for teams in leagues Gold or below since they simply won´t stand a chance.


After all I have read about Atlas so far, it repels me more and more… I am glad it’s not available for me (and probably stays like this for a pretty long time)

Deleted. Why bother.

Yes bwab had a massive advantage having beta since day 1, and lethal descent, and angry hungry and taiwan wonder and harlem…

Oh wait

Yeah everyone let yourself be persuaded from that argumentation!

Those teams are known that they are non-spenders and they only open bronze chests!

1-1 comparable to the situation the OP is talking about. :v:t2::star_struck::v:t2:

Diamond spends? Omg really??? Damn and we all thought those lvl 500s just have great lucky streaks with their free chests


I do think they can give some early game dragons an upgrade. A lot of high lvls still think amarok is good, amarok is a royal waste of tokens since you dont even need him for breeding paths. Ettin is still fun to fly but he struggles with bases around my level meanwhile necryx can walk through bases 100 levels higher than me.

I dont see a problem with divines, in fact i love them cuz they have fun spells and they are usually a lot of fun but i think buffing some of the oj, gold and plat legends will help new players a lot.

What level are you? Necryx walks over anything so long as it doesn’t have a million archers and cannons.

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