Static Shield counts towards Lethal Barrier egg missions



When I have an egg mission counting Lethal Barrier castings, the counter increments for each time that I cast Static Shield.


Freeze will count as frozen tomb missions.
Windwall will count as mystic winds missions
Rejuvenate will count for super rejuvenate missions.
Any spell that is an evolved version of a simpler spell can have the simple spell count for it. It used to be the same thing for runes, but somehow an update (3.20 iirc) broke that feature for runes, but left egg missions untouched.


Anything that’s in the same file is interchangeable for token missions, so Explosive Shield will too :tada:


In my experience, Explosive Shield has not counted towards Lethal Barrier missions. I have had the same experience with Invert and Reverse Projectiles not counting towards the other. It is very inconsistent.

Nonetheless, it is still a bug and should be fixed. If runes of one spell don’t count for another related spell (either lesser or greater version), then egg missions shouldn’t either.


I can attest that both your scenarios count for each other, mainly bc I had invert missions for kelvin and lethal barrier for sage, yet I would complete them using rizar by hitting red and blue mages to get reverse and ES.


I just pulled Droy out of storage and re-tested with
him - explosive shield counted against Lethal Barrier. I don’t recall it working with Kaiju previously.

Either way, as I mentioned, if there is separation with runes, there should be separation with egg missions as well - this should be filed as a functional correctness defect.


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