Stats of the defensive rider

When will the stats of the new defensive rider released?

Most likely tomorrow.

And then the forum will blow up :smirk::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

On facebook, twitch or Forum?

Historically the CF releases some stats in the morning and then PG releases the full deets in a blogpost + forums.

Also, I got my Tuesday info from the previous streams (that forsci documented in her stream notes post:

Thx Lutrus

Tuesday is when the rider information will be out. :slight_smile:


I Heard it Will be -15% construction time🤪

It will be -15% construction time for a naked rider, but only if you have Atlas. If you have Atlas, the second page will be locked, so you can’t get the gear, but you will be able to grind away in Atlas to get gear. If you don’t have Atlas, it will be -5% naked, with another -5% in the second to final piece of gear. The final piece of gear will give a 2% chance of getting Atlas before 2022, which cannot be stacked with any of your teammates. PG has conducted extensive research and has come up with this method to appease the masses.

Edit: This is sarcasm. PG would never conduct extensive research.

The Atlas defense rider has -12% construction time, assuming you max that one (I think pretty much everyone does). Based on PG streams, this WILL NOT stack with the new rider - only the higher value will be used. That is the way base wide boosts are supposed to work in the new limited perch area world we were told.

This kinda looks like it’s trying to be sarcasm? But just to let people scrolling past, this is false.


Tuesday before the discount closes?

How many sigils will it be for the 1st page while on discount?

IIRC it’s the same as the double token boost, so 3.1k sigils for the first page on discount. I could be wrong though. :t_rex:

Great! I should be able to get the whole page easy peasy then. Thanks bud! :rose:


Hope rider is released before event

If you mean info about it it will be today, the rider itself comes tomorrow

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