Stay Puff the ice invoker

My idea is a dragon that is based on the Ghostbusters marshmelllow man. White dragon with the blue and white hat and shirt, but without the ghostbusters logos, his name could be Stay Puff. An Ice invoker, that shoots marshmellows and his 4th shot would cover 5 towers in marshmellow, freezing them until the next attack. One White (cost 1 rage) ability would switch between rage regain (gain 2 rage)and health regain (gain 50% health), and a second blue ability would create a cloak that cancels incoming attacks and mage supershots ( any attack while cloaked would cancel the cloak) and upon resolving, the cloak would explode causing green glowing continuous poison damage to all 5 towers

I feel like this is so on the nose that copyright law is going to be way too much of a concern. Especially with a name that’s less of a subtle nod to the source, and more a car horn and hand pointing.

The design would have to be VERY different to be safe.


Hopefully with the name being spelled slightly different from the Stay-Puft Marshmello man it will be ok :sweat_smile:

I really doubt the changing of a single letter will dodge copyright law and if somehow it did. I would say it’s likely a big risk. It would need to likely have an original name and a physical design which is different enough to count as it’s own thing. It can be obvious where the inspiration came from but if it’s clearly the same thing with very minor tweaks then I doubt it’ll work. Unless pg wants to get a licence for it.

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It’s name could always be Puffy, and maybe the change could a pirate hat instead of a sailor hat type look

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Puffy sounds like a nice fit, so maybe a white dragon and change the hat and shirt to a suit of amor that is blue and white

This is a good concept I agree with the copyright problem but I also like Puffy it fits :blush: hopd they take this into consideration :blush:

:eyes: Sounds OP.

No different than some other dragons that have similar spell. But it’s just an idea, pg would be the ones to tweak it so that it’s not op :grin:.

Soapsuds. And the dragon is named Bubbles.

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