Steal essence bug

Not sure if it has to do with the update as there has been known visual bugs already but this one was new to me. That’s actually freeze not red rejuvenate. Next spell I got was havoc but showed as rejuvenate

Edit: This is just for the sake of awareness. I usually do my due diligence making sure I don’t re-post things but couldn’t find anything like this so apologies in advance to the forum police

Mine is working fine

Glad to hear it bud thanks for chiming in lol.

I think its a bug where the icons haven’t been downloaded onto your phone yet or not downloaded properly. Try restarting

It seems like perfect timing got it stuck as the rejuv icon somehow then. It’s happened to me before where it’ll briefly flicker the incorrect icon instead of persist. Or is this happening across multiple runs?

Edit: :thinking: Forum police comment requires this comment… I remember replying to a thread about this before, but the topic wasn’t particularly clear, or it was in some random thread. I don’t care enough to find it, though. :rofl:

This is just one run, but never seen it before.

In your response to your edit, I think what you’re talking about was a thread not specific to SE. Can’t remember the details of it but in any case you and someone else told me that the spell looking like the SE passive spell, except in blue form, was a known bug (which I didn’t know). Didn’t know it showed random spells in random colors though so this was a first.

Just wanted to bring it to people’s attention so players using dragons with SE stay on their toes if it’s an important fight.

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What the hell is this, too.



That’s a more perfect meme then you even know

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