Steal essence doesn't trigger on first island (Temple Raid)



I can’t find a post on this, apologies if one exists.

I’ve had the same problem on both accounts now. When attacking a temple guard base with a Hunter with steal essence destroying the first couple of towers on the first island is not triggering steal essence.
On each occasion the dragon matched the element of the Island - Rizar on the earth island, Consurgens on the fire island.
Both accounts are on android devices, both on 4.61 3.
Anyone else had this too?


Try searching your title.


That’s not the error I’m getting though. No spell is grabbed on the first couple of towers, then it works normally.

Edit: edited title from ‘bug’ to ‘doesn’t trigger on first island’.
Also this happens when the guard base has totems on the first island, which I didn’t think was meant to happen when the element matched. Fire island & Consurgens. The totems are lvl 50 on a lvl 120 guard base.
If I cancel the attack the next base does not always have totems and the spell works fine.


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