Stealing Gold - New to Atlas

I had 1.2 Million gold in Atlas. When my farmers were maxxed, I came back to train some more troops. But I only had 600K gold. Half my gold just disappeared.

My primarchs were at my team’s capital. Can a player come and steal gold? Is it a game glitch? Can my team take it?

You can raid gold from standard game attacks. It won’t show up on the selection screen. But it shows on the results screen

The “Replay” screen lists one attack in that period, but there’s no indication of how much gold they got. Could they have gotten 600,000 gold in a single attack? And you’re saying there’s no way to know that?

Yeah it only shows for the attackers result screen. Tbh I don’t know the calc for how much is taken

Yup. I’ve gotten around 500k+ gold in a single attack. Never keep that much gold hanging.

Only have that much hanging if you just got the gold delivered to you via other player or team bank.

Usually I spend as much gold i can training new troops and the rest gets shipped to the bank. I hardly have over 1k on me in gold after im done spending.

Like others said, you dont see the gold youll get on the atrack screen till the attack is over. The amount people can take from you depends on how much you have, kinda like normal resources.

I dont know the exact calculation either but I found some numbers that Im pretty sure go for gold and lumber/food. Storage Hut protects 10% (actually just a flat number that happens to be 10%) of the capacity for lumber and food but 0 for gold. There are researches and riders that can increase this but since its percentages it cannot (or at least shouldnt - I didnt test it) increase the protection for gold.
There is also the Lumber Mill and Hog Farm protections that also can be increased by research but not by riders and the default is 15%
There are also “payout multipliers” that Im unsure how they interact. Since it is 55% if you attack on your own I would say it replaces the 0.55 but it could also be different, as I said I didnt test it.
Attack on your own: 55%
Attack with allies: 60%
Ally payout: 20%

Now, I think its one of the following two options:

0.55 * max((Storage - StorageProtection), 0) + 0.65 * max((Harvest - HarvestProtection), 0)
“steal 55% of whats not protected in storage and 65% of whats not protected in farms mills”

max((0.55 * Storage - StorageProtection), 0) + max((0.65 * Harvest - HarvestProtection), 0)
“steal 55% of whats in storage but leave the protected stuff and 65% of whats in farms/mills but leave the protected amount”

For gold this would just be 55% of what you have stored since there is no protection for gold in storage and there are no farms for gold like for lumber or wood


Yeah I’ve got almost 10m gold in a single attack before. It’s best to either use all your gold before logging off or send it to your teams bank. Some teams use a deposit system where if you can keep track of how much gold you have donated, you can take that much gold back from the bank when you need it. Ask your team if they have anything of that sorts. If not they might still just let you borrow gold from the bank when you need it.

Thanks for the detailed answer, Cat. Much appreciated.

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