Stepping down from the GPF

I have decided to step down from the GPF.

It has been a pleasure working with the other players to help make War Dragons a better game, but I believe my time helping the community in this way is at an end.

I’ll still be in game (for those who know me), and ofc, I’ll be in the normal forums (trying to answer before @mechengg does). :rofl:

It has been my honor to help the community in this way, and I will miss some parts of the GPF.

I hope the GPF continues strong, and I hope that working with their players, PG can make the War Dragons of tomorrow even better than the game we have today.



Sorry to hear you won’t be helping them try to fix the game any longer.

So how long til your NDA expires and you can spill the beans? :smiling_imp:


What he said :point_up:t4:


Thanks for doing what you do best and waiting for me to give the first response :kissing_heart:


Thanks Savage. You’ve been helping the community a lot



Well, my guess, without rereading it, is anything disclosed to me as a member of the GPF is covered until it is made public by PG. That’s what I’m going to assume, just to be safe.

So, as much as part of me would love to share, I cannot. :man_shrugging:


Good call :+1: Good on ya. Glad for whatever you were working on and any changes you influenced, unless of course you caused this current outage, although I am enjoying the screaming and whining :joy: Seriously though, thanks for attempting to make the game better

Well,I play a lawyer in the Sims and he would say that . . . something or other.


“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Shakespeare, Henry VI



Like the others have posted, I also wish to say thank you for the hard work you’ve done in trying to improve this game for all of us who play it. I look forward to continuing to read your comments in the forums :slightly_smiling_face:


Most standard form NDAs do have a term, though they run in years. Have never seen the PG NDA so this is just general practice. There are usually several exceptions to the obligation not to disclose; the most likely relevant here is if PG makes the information public at some point.

Of course, giving public notice of quitting the GPF is its own form of commentary while maintaining fidelity to the need to protect nonpublic information.


Excuse me for my ignorance, but what does GPF stand for and what is it that ones does for it?

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It’s the Gameplay Faction, a group of selected players helping PG testing new content. More info here:

(edit - damn you and your faster copy-paste @Lutrus :joy: )


It is a group of players PG assembled to help them test the game. Or that’s the idea. In reality it was an act to try to calm down the players by making it seem as though PG cares about what the players have to say. smoke and mirrors.


Thanks so much @Lutrus @Morreion @MikeH8sDisGame for explaining it.

Now that I understand, While I’ve alway seen you (Savage) around the forums, I never knew what you exactly did. I’m sorry to see you go Savage! Thanks for everything you’ve done.

EDIT - I can’t spell everyone’s name. Lol

We appreciate everything you’ve done for the game, and your commentary on the forums is always a welcomed sight. Thank you for your honesty it’s refreshing to see facts and numbers being brought into the discussion so we as a community can have concrete discussion instead of generalizations that won’t force pgs hand.


Maybe I shouldn’t ask this, but I remember you saying that if you ever felt that PG wasn’t listening to you guys and you were spinning your wheels that you would leave the GPF (or something along those lines). Is that what is happening here or are you just tired and ready to move on?
I understand if you can’t/don’t want to answer… :slight_smile:


Of course it is. It was like that with the Ashenvale Alliance , another player group to help fix issues, and it will always be that way. The almighty dollar is the driving force behind EVERY decision made by PG.

Its behind every company’s decision, the only difference is how long the outlook

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