Still don't know why I was banned

Hello, my account was banned several months ago and I dont know why. I had contacted support and was told I was accused of cheating, but they would not explain in what way. I was an active member of my guild and had held an elite account for over a year, to the best of my knowledge I hadn’t used any cheats or glitches ( I feel this takes the fun out of a game). There were no warnings issued just one day I got a popup saying I was permanently banned. I have tried to log on several times since to see if the error had been fixed but no luck. It still bothers me that i don’t know what happened and I do miss the game as it was one of the only games I enjoyed playing. Does anyone have an idea of how i can resolve this?

That is the response I got from customer service, they simply said I was banned for cheating with no further explanation and no chance to defend or protect my account.
Could my account possibly been hacked?
Was I falsely accused by another player who was angry with me for beating them?
Was there some sort of glitch i didn’t notice (something outside of my control)?
I shouldn’t have to buy a new phone and create a new email to start a new account, especially when I don’t know what i did wrong in the first place.

Every situation is different. It you truly believe there is a mistake, you can try to pm PGJared on the forums all the relevant information (original account name, id, ticket number, etc.). He’d usually pretty good about reviewing stuff when he has tine.

I wouldn’t expect much detail, if his review finds that the ban was correct. Maybe a little more than "cheating, ’ but not much.

If you didn’t cheat, I wish you the best of luck.

If you did… Well, you can always make a new account if you truly enjoyed playing that much.


You were banned last year by CL for cheating. Your account ban is going to remain permanent.