Still haven't received energy packs for siege weapons

KOTH finished 2 weeks ago, and the siege weapons are still not exchaned on energy packs - neither for me, nor for half of the team. I wrote to support in advance, before active phase starts, but no any action was made (1121916).

I spent almost all energy during last war event, counting on energy from promised exchange, which should be around 50 boxes, which is basically enough for 100 energy each day, and now have just a few boxes, without possibility to buy energy.

How come that such a thing needs to reported to support by so many players? It should be just simple script, started after KOTH, to make simple math and replace one item with another.

@PGJared Can such kind of “script” be run again, without need to slowly go through each and every support request? I really believe that it’s not that hard to identify all players with siege weapons.

Looks my post. Its like the same topic…

@moderators @TheRedDelilah

Just send ticket to PG or PM @Arelyna or @PGCrisis

I was looking for such posts, but haven’t found any, strange.
Thanks, wrote directly.

I had to submit a ticket and got my energy asap.

As I wrote in the beginning of the original message - I’ve written to support, and mentioned number. Still, no respose so far.

I kindly asked them, 2 minutes later I had to close the game as there was new content available, and I got mine.

By the time I claimed my EP, there was the response from Zendesk.

The entire procedure took less than 5 minutes.
Maybe you should ask them again, in a new ticket, just mention the previous one. Best of luck!

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Did that already - 2nd request. Now I have 2 - created 2 days ago and 2 hours ago…

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Update again your ticket… now Contact Support is online

No, you don’t want to keep updating your ticket if you were clear in your first ticket. It actually slows down the process of resolving your request.

Thanks to Arelyna, problem solved.



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