Still no energy?

i still havent got my energy for my siege wepons that we was ment to get anyone else finding this?

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I didn’t have much but I haven’t got any.

File a ticket with support then.

I filed a ticket last night. They credited me with energy within a couple hours.

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This was in another thread. I will add the link in a minute. But basically the TLDR version is that they did it automatically for a small percentage of accounts (virtually all large whales). Everyone else has to file a support ticket to get it done.

On my team the only person that it happened automatically for was our big spending 230 who came to the team as a level 10 four months ago.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe this is an accident. I think their intent is to do it only for whales and people who complain.

Edit: Heres the link

Or it just fell victim to the spaghetti code that seems to make up this game.

I only spend on elite and I got my energy packs for my siege weapons without having to file a ticket… and I got them without having to file a ticket on my alt account (which has never spent anything) :woman_shrugging:

Perhaps money is not the only way to win favor?
I see you have a respected badge. Perhaps you served the king in some other way?


And yet my alt has never posted to the forums… how do you explain that? :slightly_smiling_face: Seems like too much effort to find my info, then use that IP address to see what other accounts are associated with it and give those accounts special treatment too lol.

Anyway, conspiracy theories aside whatever the cause the outcome is the same;

If you haven’t gotten your energy yet you need to file a support ticket.

And with that, we can close this duplicate thread.

Can’t find where to file a ticket q

In game:
Gear button in the lower right, then help button, then the menu button in the upper right (looks like 3 lines), then the + button, then type your complaint in the space, and finally press the paper airplane button to send.


If that doesn’t work, try here:

They responded instantly. Just wait I g for the fix now.

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