Still time to fix egg token vs. timer Zep missions


You have plenty of time to pull this pan out of the fire. Please consider the following:

A) Integrate the egg token seasonal boost branch with the new timers missions. Do not force players to choose one or the other, or force them to spend significant sigils to get both each season. Call it Zeppelin boost branch or whatever and have it boost both types of missions.

B) Leave the current plan in place for players to choose to complete a egg token mission or a timer mission. I’ll explain why below.

C) Reduce the number of rubies required to finish the mission cool down significantly By at LEAST 50% or more. Year of the Player and all.

This is a win/win for everyone. It minimizes the amount of work PG has to complete to roll out the feature. It preserves player choice, egg tokens or timers. It shows that you CARE and factor player sentiment into your decisions. Cutting ruby cost for pure grinding forces players into the game more often and longer. Your profit loss should be acceptable given the return on investment.


I did some math. With just my daily tokens from town hall and atlas it’ll take 6 breed events to complete 1 legendary abyssal. meanwhile im struggling just to get to 400 so i can hatch the empyrean dragons that i’ve already bred. next breed event will be my third that i’m unable to hatch anything. to avoid paying twice for dragons that ill get as part of my next steps i’ll be breeding research eggs to do research for towers that i can’t afford because i can never ever ever ever find enough embers to maintain more than 2 flaks. so now im forced to make the decision to either have enough timers to breed or have enough tokens to breed.

point of reference: im currently 391 with tuktu and valens sitting, unhatchable, in my incubator. next up is lusian, and then oculex. I’m seriously wondering why i should even bother anymore. this is just becoming a chore.

I’m rambling now…I’ll just stop now…sorry to have had “verbal” diarrhea on your thread


I’m in the same exact boat. Currently level 402. I have Tuktu bred and part of Methalex. I have less than half of the timers I wanted/needed for this Fort event. Sadly, I have 4 flaks on my base and will only be able to keep up with two. Maaaaaybe 3 as a stretch but not likely.

Right now, I’m looking for a compromise to an urgent situation. We can either meet PG part way or really sharpen the pitchforks and light the torches which I don’t think will get much traction. I’m not looking to solve any economy problems, but rather open a window just enough to see some daylight. Hope that makes sense. Sorry for the weird and mixed metaphors in one post. :slight_smile:

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I think that’s the point.

  • The whales will keep spending until their bored or decide they aren’t interested in spending any more.

  • The players already established but a few tiers back will keep plunking away.

  • The new players will hopefully stick around with the scaling, but likely not the % of previous players because it’s too slow and the experience for new players is not ideal.

  • The players one tier back with no discount and who are not able to spend the significant amount to push forward to end game or at least starting the tier while the whales are finished the tier, will either drop a tier back, stop spending moderately and plunk along or quit altogether because they tasted what it was like to compete but can no longer.

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i understand your thoughts…but sacrificing egg tokens for timers doesn’t solve the problem…it just trades 1 problem for another. tbh…i’m at a point where quitting the game is real option in my mind. I see the current actions/lack of actions by PG as a disdain and hatred for the non whale player base.

this…exactly this. I’ve never been huge spender but I’ve spent more on this game than i now care to think about. no more…not a single penny more until big changes occur(if I even continue playing)

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This. :point_up:t2:


@PGawal I think this is time sensitive and an easy win for everyone. Player goodwill needs to be restored and the angst over having to choose between egg tokens and timers was significant.

I understand you need to view the economy as a larger picture but I hope someone is evaluating this proposal prior to the feature roll out which we are led to believe is this season and not later in the year.


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question :
when u are in atlas sometimes the 1 h missions get ready to be completed and when u get out of atlas u see a completed mission that u didnt even know was ready to complete , if they put the timer missions there , who will be completed first and why ?

I envision that both will be ready to be collected and you click on the one you want the rewards for.

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