Still waiting for Invoker runes - stop the disadvantage now

There are still no Invoker attack oder hp runes coming with the new season. Those players who went for Nakama now have a severe disadvantage powering their dragon. And I will not go for any upcoming Invoker as long as this problem exists. When will PG finally release hp and attack runes to make Invokers competitive to the other dragon classes??

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If people are having issues with a well geared Namaka, the problem isn’t with the dragon


Also there are Sho’groth’s runes and rage runes, more than enough to make Namaka a pain.


thanks for your input, but I really think ALL classes should have hp and attack runes.

Yes, well, that’s the bit where you would be wrong.


fihi ma fihi :man_shrugging:t3:

Hunters: well over 50 dragons
Warriors: well over 50 dragons
Sorcerors: well over 50 dragons
Invokers: 2 dragons.

Please tell me why we should have an equal amount of runes for Invokers as the other classes.


But namaka’s base stats were buffed to make up for the lack of runes, riders, and research. We can argue whether she was buffed enough, but … they at least intended to account for this.


Where? Did I miss some important information? Are you referring to Shrinamaka or the actual Mythic?

I think Lee has a point. PG might add runes and riders who can be tuned to Invokers later, but with two individuals of this new class released, it seems a bit early.

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The Shrine version was buffed, not the actual dragon. I believe the the shrine version got 60% attack and HP, and it was released at abyssal tier strength too.

I think it was actually scaled with your base level. If your base level was high enough to breed/hatch Harbinger, you got Harbinger Namaka, for instance. My Shrinamaka was Obsidian tier, even though I had not bred an Obsidian Dragon yet.


Can we ALL read what henfon posted and agree that until PG announces runes/research or magic chicken feathers for Invoker they are delivered tuned up already?

Folks are cluttering up my forum reading time when I’m looking from posts from PG employees. :slight_smile:

Your Nam is just fine. Really. Nobody needs magic talismans of “Fly Better”.

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I think it’s funny that people freaked over Surt, who has always been easy to defend if you know how to defend. No one says shit about Meglok, who’s massively OP IMO. Definitely more than Namaka.

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We eats Meglocks for snacks. Mostly. On triple defended level 560s anyway.


Then you should have no problem with Namaka. Bases don’t need boosting, PG. Nix that 20%



It’s possible that you’re not very good at assessing dragon strength. It is, in fact, likely.


False. There have been multiple vids of n-2 or n-3 surts hitting max bases when released with 2 defenders and just walking all over them.

For good reason.

Not in my experience.


Meglok is good for a warrior. But the devil is in the “for a warrior” part. Probably compares to an average hunter.