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First off hello folks. . I’m Shady. Recently I took over still alive in game. I was not apart of this team when infamous “Harry” was leader or do not care how he ran his team.
I’ve been mailed by a few ask, if I am him with a new name, hell no I’m me. Some of y’all might know me, some of y’all won’t. I’m ok with that. But moving forward, I’ve been told by a few people that the team name has a target on it. So I figured I’d take the time to address that.
To hell with what ever alliance you or your time is in or how the old leader( which is not on this team, or has ties to it as of now) left you feeling a certain way. Please feel free to let me know. Y’all would help me decide which way I take the team itself, play by the rules or so hell with it and go pirate team for a while.
So please feel free to come say hello, you your butt hurt is to much with the team name. Just know it’s a new day so it’s a Nee team. :+1:t3::beers:

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You talk a lot about butts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Steve Rogers is offended by this post


Okay, and why did you feel you need to come to the forums with a post like this :thinking: Think is a bit rude and disrespectful tbh :neutral_face:

That’s the way I am. I’m very straight forward. Apparently people are holding a grudge against my teams name. So I said hell with it, let me go find out.

Being straightforward is one thing, but could have chosen your words little differently and still got point across while looking into it, not sure will help your guild reputation talking way are.

Like I said some of y’all might know me and apparently some of y’all don’t. The start of my post is the way I go into Lc any time I go to say hello( wether I’m in my main or mini accounts) but any how. I guess some folks don’t like my humor. All well.

Less about not liking your humor, more about knowing how to conduct yourself within the forum guidelines so you dont get forum banned. This isnt LC. Perhaps your intent got lost in the rediculous entrance you made? :man_shrugging:

I dont really think this was straight forward in the slightest. Maybe just asking about what the past issues were with the team and why people have a grudge would have been better?

Ahh okay, well this is the forums not LCs, and yess many probably would not take to that kind of humor unless know you well. See you edited your post so others will not get as offended, appreciate that :blush::+1: Perhaps, choosing words carefully, you should rewrite your guild description explaining that your guild is under new leadership that has nothing to do with the old one, and that would appreciate any grudges to be dropped :thinking:

Yess, this would have been more respectful way to come looking for answers to these grudges. Though is understandable to have to be dealing with the situation, must be frustrating and irritating.

I know how to play nice with folks. I know the difference between forums and lc. I also know how I am. For that reason I tend to stay off the forums. @AlphaUnChainedthe mail I sent you on the forums awhile ago, was nice sweet and to the point. I just really felt away about this. So why not let the opening remarks pull in the grow folks. If I offended anyone F’ers and F’ettes comment, my bad.

Even thought the team was opposide side of me. I never had a problem with hem. I even tasted the aocccsnl casle card.

Game must be glitching, see not pm here on forums :roll_eyes: Thanks though :slightly_smiling_face:

You even tasted what :thinking::joy:

Occasional. Please read between the line.

no one cares!!!

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Got offended? I agree we should follow the guidelines to avoid breaking your innocence. Language peeps!

Can I read between you?

Edit: how long till my comments get flagged lol!

You mean Read between my legs?


@moderators should this thread be closed? It seems obvious that the OP only intended to make an announcement.

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hes just telling folks hes in no allinace and take the castles if any left lol

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