Stones for advancement


When I was a newbie I didn’t know you would not have a second chance to get the stones needed to advance. At the time getting dragons seemed the most important thing to do to advance. As I have spent about $200 a month to advance my dragons I feel a Christmas event where people can get the stones they need for all their dragons. Dragons I love to play should not have to be dumped because I was new to the game. I have three dragons or more which I can not advance. I would hate to quit the war dragons but if I change games I will know better how to play and what I need to do to compete.




This request is made every season. Rather than focus resources on older dragons, use them for the next season to get the new dragons. The net result is the same. There will always be new, more powerful dragons, those should be your focus.


No. Just no.


Whats the point of spending time and money for getting the dragons and evolving stones during seasons if you can get them at a later date?



New divines are coming out anyway - spend your sigils on the newer, better dragons.


Christmas event with old evolve stones? Only for those that still believe in Santa :santa:


I really don’t understand the thought process behind this. You might as well ask for more time on the final devines in these new seasons and just say “I’m not done yet!” or “I didn’t get to play that one day”. I was level 30 or something and couldn’t get Dima and OH MY GOSH I really regret that. But who cares when there are newer and newer dragons. Since non-spenders/low spenders can only get a dragon per breeding event you will have more event dragons than useful dragons from regular breeding. It’s almost better this way. One event dragon for me every four months, and as many dragons in the bottomless breeding pit as i can.

I do somewhat agree with you though. I am a collector, and so i wish i could have them all. Usually if i have enough tokens after a single line of prizes i will try to get the first portrait and the dragon egg from all the other prize lines. For those that i missed i wish i could claim their egg and not be able to level them past orange tier. This could be offered in the last week or two of the season that corresponds to the season those dragons were present. An example would be that this season would offer the eggs of Nightshade, Skarr, and Ebon and nothing else. I don’t want Phasmos. I witnessed the happiness from a spender on my team when he got Phasmos and i definitely do not want to strip that of him. The fourth divine should never available after its season is over. Other than this one instance, i doubt any other idea will slide with PG. All this would lead to would be further dilution of prizes…


I think it would be a great idea to some how introduce a challenge, event, branch, something that would involve being able to choose past dragons stones. Everyone evolves at different stages and would most likely enjoy being able to have challenges to achieve past dragon stones, even if there are bigger and better dragons on the horizon. I have past the useful level of some , however, would still enjoy collecting stones.


Skarr is my favorite dragon and I’d love to be able to get higher stones. I’m just starting my sapphire dragons but I was only able to get thru skarrs platinum stone. I would definitely participate in something to get my past Season dragons higher evaluation stones


Just offer a universal evolve stone in the store for $50…everyone gets what they want…


No stones, just the dragon at orange for comfort. You missed a dragon’s usefullness when you couldn’t claim its stones. You will have more useful dragons in the future. Take these mistakes as a learning experience to make sure you can get all the stones of the nexr seasonal dragon that you actually want. Sadly, if you don’t get a dragon when it’s available it isn’t free after it’s no longer available. I wish i had gotten Phasmos but if i did the other players my level (~200) who do have him (and paid a considerable amount of money) will feel like they just paid for nothing and will most likely request refunds. “Get it before it’s gone!”


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