Stop abbreviating team names!


Oh but to stay on topic it’s quite funny for trolling purposes though. Like saying: ‘I was on the sapphire team THWTTSIBAL’ and no one in lc can refute you :”)


:thinking: bwab x2? DC x2? More with same abbreviation as D1 team?


Oh yes! :joy_cat: good point
Now BWAB have 2 twins Butter and Bitter
And DC can actually be DigitalChaos,DeadlyChaos,DragonsCreed etc etc)


Ya I meant in general. Weather it is league chat, line conversation or whatever. I feel like on a Dailey basis I am saying “who?” Because someone thinks everyone must know of the amazing Sapphire team that’s been around for 3 months.


I don’t think anyone cares about butter or bitter though :joy:


Moved to off-topic section so I can keep disagree with all the off-topic flags



Maybe Butter will steal all minions of D1 teams and make some parties,like in old times :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


You also edited “insignificant” out of the header lol

And I think it was perfectly acceptable to be in general. It is talking about the game


Insignificant probably isn’t as good a word as invisible. Top 5 teams are ones that almost all players know


insignificant is accurate though. And yes the top teams are the only ones people know, hence why i dont have an issue with people abbreviating/shortening those team names.


Everyone knows Rulith :smirk:


I believe most of D1 refers to them as “the most insignificant team everyone has heard of”.

They also happen to have a name that can’t really be shortened lol

(Love you @TheRedDelilah :kissing_heart:)

Now to sit back and wait for the flag.


You forgot Dairy Creamer.


What, you’ve never heard of the almighty R?


Does anyone actually bother to abbreviate Dreadnought with DN or something foolish, or are they just universally and fittingly “Dread”? :thinking:


Dorky Nincompoops



ColossusNocte would give DN another name…


I didn’t want every team from rank 6th felt insignificant


I’m guessing ABAH is abandon all hope. But that’s a guess so I side the the original post lol.


The abbreviations i used in the topic post were chosen at random, not meant to represent actual teams.