Stop abbreviating team names!


See, i’ve only always seen it as AAH, not ABAH. :man_shrugging:


Aah? as in “AAAAAAAHHH Dread are coming!”? or is it more of a relaxed aaah, like slipping into a big comfy couch after a long day of work saying “aaaaahh, thats nice”…



If that’s the best positive aaaaah you can come up with, you’re missing out on some key life experiences.



i decided to keep it Parental Guidance. (not to be confused with the evil PG).


Or Mike could be the keeper of abbreviations. Also congrats to PHR for making it into the original post



Who is PHR?


I don’t know, I just like the idea of you being the Keeper of Abbreviations.

You could get a unique forum title out of that!


I would need to keep “ABRIVIATION DENIED!” Permanently copied on my clipboard :joy:


Make it a keyboard shortcut …


Pale horse rider


Bigger question is : who are BBB?:eyes:
I think only Beta teams knows :joy_cat:


Who WAS BBB you mean… :blush:


You mean the Better Business Bureau. I wonder what they say about PG…


Hehe) MikeKnowsThings)


Only a C- rating with the BBB. I expected at least a D


Ah memories




Not only I have no idea what WXYU is but if you say NMO I’ll assume you mean No Mercy Order but for all I know you mean No More Oranges or something :woman_shrugging:


For the weeks surrounding and following the merge, the conjunction “and” got autocorrected to “AnD” on my iPad. :confused:

Cathedral ceilings, full bath and fort, hardwood floors, lovely view of NML, adjoins a very quiet graveyard for attempted conquerors, and did you know the governor’s suite is vacant? We don’t poach from people we like though, so you have to bring SS’s boss (Z) over to AnD if you want to hop over to TAN, N, H, or CoS.