Stop account ..unclear

I have Anthony account…and when I wakeup in the morning I can’t open it… it told me masge and don’t open

Account sharing. Pan! In all seriousness why come on forums and ask such questions and get yourself banned?


it seems that you have been PANNED!

what? how is having an Alt account sharing?

True, I think she mistyped “Anthony” instead of using the word “another”.

It is against ToS to have 2 accounts on 1 device.

umm no it isn’t. they dont suggest it as it may cause issues but not against TOS. besides she didn’t specifically say it was on the same device.


Why would you be logging in and out if you have 2 devices with 2 separate accounts?

she only said when she went to log in this morning…

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their official stances on multiple account is that you should have a device for each account.

It’s pretty much a grey area. However, bottom line is that if your account got corrupted due to multiple account on the same device, then say goodbye to it. They can’t repair those kind of things like what is shown whenever you log in another account.

fair enough. we still dont know why she can’t log in though. she was likely banned as part of that mass banning last night. either way she needs to open a ticket.

So it is a grey area, right? Using glitches and bugs in game is also a grey area and that is ban-able too?


Straight from Jared

January 09 Ban Wave

That didn’t work properly, how about this


I concur.

Although I do think it is not the same situation. OP of this thread doesn’t state that he/she has 2 devices while the person in your screen shot does have and just swaps them out from time to time.

So using 2 accounts on one device is different than using 2 accounts on 1 device? hmmmm

This wasn’t in reference to the OPs issue, it was in reference to your discussion with Mike about multiple accounts sharing devices and whether that is a violation of the TOS.

Oh I see Mike has already commented. :blush:

She/he didn’t specify if she has 1 or 2 devices… So there is a difference between what Jared said to a person having 2 accounts on 2 devices and this person saying she has 2 accounts. We do not know if she has 1 or 2 devices.

either way we are way off topic here. lets move on

It still requires logging one out and another one in. You don’t need to log the first one onto a different device in order to use the second one on the first device. We are arguing semantics here.