Stop Canned Support Replies

Please set a level where you all must read the ticket and work to figure out and maybe try and solve or help with the issue. I don’t envy supports and all the dumb issues they get but if a player level say 400 makes a ticket and you all reply with your canned replies, maybe it’s because you all have a timed reply matrix you all have to hit idk but please stop it. I know we all can post SS where we have gotten replies like there is no way they read this or yeah I learned to do that after playing the game for a day!


In some cases yes, in others no
When there is any kind of game issue, support gets flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of tickets so they have to set up auto responses for tickets that use certain key words. Them taking the time to read through and personally respond to says 800 tickets all about the messed up KW VP would take a very long time, time that they then arent using to respond to other tickets. It’s annoying for sure though.

What would be nice is if their support agents were given actual correct information. Some of them just come up with random answers that arent even close to correct. Example, I had one last breeding keep telling me there are no free gold chests in Lockjaw’s line after the Verd stone was added even though I sent them screenshots of the free chests.
Some are good and will take the time to actually help, others give a generic, random or completely wrong response and then blow you off. Like I get they have a lot of tickets to read but dont tell people false info.

I mean, being level 400 doesnt mean much. I’ve seen level 500s who were morons giving people terrible advice. Money doesnt buy skills or knowlege


Understand and agree was just stating an example by a level 400. Also understand about the canned replies or global replies when there is a known issue and everyone is reporting it. Can definitely post SS for examples if that might help.