Stop creating separated **suggestions** topics

PHLEAAAASE stop creating separated suggestions topics.
go post in current ongoing thread, geeez.


Why’d you put this in the suggestion category then?


to make a point and draw attention

There’s an off topic category.


off topics dont draw attention

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And also. Stop having personal discussions within that post. Its about suggestions to be voted on. Not a debate of whether its a good suggestion.
If you don’t agree with someone’s idea, don’t click like.

That whole post is now a complete cluster of chatting which makes it really tedious to read and try to find ideas to vote on.


Ah yeah see you had a much better idea than me since put that comment in the thread which is contributing to the problem :joy:

@moderators please

Please what? It’s a good suggestion! :joy:

Moved to off topic though.

Next wave spoilers

I agree wholeheartedly. There’s still 28 threads I have to go through and I don’t wanna. But my ideas still got 86 likes though in the og thread so I’m happy.
Also blurring this since I wanna see if it really happens. First attempt ever.
And Also hiding this also first attempt.
Hope y’all like it.
@Jalen pulled off this prank in another thread so inspired by him


I’d have gone the opposite way tbh. If someone makes a suggestion topic, let them know the voting thread exists if they want it to be considered for 2021 prioritization but don’t lock or merge it. If people start a discussion in the voting thread flag as off topic and ask/force them to move it to a separate thread.

Encourages some self censorship by both suggesters and commenters, keeps the voting topic cleaner, makes it a lil easier to see new suggestions, leverages officious readers to help maintain it.


Don’t tell me what to do…

Don’t make me spank you again. No safe word next time.

In hindsight we shouldn’t have made the safe word “harder”… that got out of hand.

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