Stop further player exodus


Only the last 48 hours I have seen 15 ppl I know that quit game , most of them were due to the 300 wall and recent changes , if the 300 wall is not gonna change more and more (and me ) will sabotage the game once and for all . It is pointless playing a money-dependent game . I wonder if pg is gonna consider the microtransactions someday but at least give us a green light for the 300 wall :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


I’m not sure what you mean by “sabotage the the game” but I agree it’s really disheartening seeing all the good players leaving. For me, Atlas was the only thing making the 300 wall slightly tolerable. But with the nerfs to Elite hat regen and now the 80% revive cap, Atlas is getting less and less fun for someone who is not at end-game (with an array of lesser targets to choose from). I’m starting to think it’s not worth it.


what do you mean by 300 wall , can any one explain clearly ?


No, no one can explain that. It’s actually the first time the 300 wall has ever been mentioned on the forums, and indeed if you try to search for the term, the forums software will just gape slack-jawed at you in incomprehension.


Once you hit 300 the xp needed to level increases significantly. A near max level upgrade pre-300 gets you a level usually… post 300 you need about 4 of these upgrades for one level


More info here…

As someone points out in that thread 300-333 is the same xp requirements as 1-268


All below 300 have the best life in this game… trust me. This will change. :wink:

And at lv 500+ it is 8 max upgrades for one level


Sometimes it’s better to just answer directly rather than advising to search the forum, especially lately with players being upset over the many changes. We should stand united for the best of the game, not trolling each other :wink:


Oh I’m more worried when they said something of introducing a new tier ever 1/2 a year. That means next season were gonna get that mythic that has the stone for the next tier and will probably have 400+ requirements making them impossible for most people.


But honestly how many people will even still be playing that would make that an issue?


Lol maybe 400


that’s a good news for me , because I was worrying about doing level very fast . so here after I don’t need to care about it .even though I will over level my base than my dragon , I will get slowed on level 300+ , then my dragons will keep up with it easily … perfect I guess.


That’s if people last until 300. I am tempted to join Hellraptor and Savage in the glorious realm of no longer playing this game.


I searched all over the forums to find if pg ever took any scaling in consideration but come on lets face it , It takes an average player 2 years maybe if very active and grinds a lot to reach 300 , and from 300-400 means another 3 years . So If I keep playing in 3 years from now i am gonna hit the 400 and by then for sure 6 new tiers will be out .


I actually downloaded a few other games today to check them out. Not sure why I’m doing that as the best thing to do if I quit would be to get my life back. :joy:
But I guess it’s like a nicotine patch. You’ve got to have something to help wean yourself off. lol


Mobile games are mostly piles of garbage. I have tried many, all have fallen. This is one of the ones that shows real promise. If capitalized on, and major changes to the game structure were made, I really think this could be one of the best multiplayer mobile games out there.


Mmmm, yess…This game had, and has the potential to still hold real promise…Though only way think that would happen now, is if PG woke up, and finally do right by this game that we have all have come to love, like they should have back when they bought it…


@PGeveryone Is this what you want to happened? Dedicated player/customer base leaving in a mass quits, regardless how long or how much they may have loved playing the game? All because you can not listen and communicate with us, making all these changes, breaking more than was already broke, and all else that have done recently to make us angry, frustrated, and disappointed in the direction in which you seem to be headed in…Hope for sake of what customer base you have left, that you stop this, do as we have been imploring you to do, and for which would be the right thing for all concerned, both you and us…Fix the game, address and implement those suggestions, game adjustments, scaling progression, and all other things that have been discussed in recent months…Perhaps then, you will retain what player/customer base you have remaining, and bring back those that have left…


Baaa baaaa baaaaa


Did someone have any catch up mechanic proposal for the 300 wall