Stop pirate teams

Pirate teams

Why something must be done about pirate teams:

While initially it was only individual teams that were unable (or unmotivated) to capture a castle, there are now teams that deliberately forgo their own castles so that they can thoroughly farm out other guilds without any risk of their own. These guilds openly advertise that their members have no consequences to fear. This of course tempts them to mob players of guilds with castles that are vulnerable to attack.

These constant attacks by snipers from pirate teams leave players of affected guilds feeling frustrated and helpless. This leads to these players deciding to quit the game altogether.


Guilds without a castle only get Glory in the red zone, but not for attacks on castles. This should be motivation enough to conquer at least one castle.



Oh. My. God. Just learn how to countersnipe.


Suggestion: Why don’t they just go pirate instead, if it’s really so much better?

But I think there have been enough threads about this lately really, probably better go have the discussion in one of those.


Please search the word “pirate” so you can see how often this type of thread is created. Then please save us all the trouble of looking for your castles (which it sounds like you’re unable to properly defend) and post your coords here.


There are so many threads about ‘stopping pirate teams’. The best way to stop them is to DEFEND and learn how to protect your castle.
Pirates are just people who don’t need the hassle of protecting castles, allies, etc.

You can always call for allies for help or attack them back. If you’re attacked enough, you will learn how to defend properly and thus defend against pirates.


How would you conquer a castle if you can only attack in red zone? :thinking:


For a team without castles, there should be no Glory for attacking castles. Since they don’t have any castles, you can’t return the favor to them.
Of course, they must be able to attack and conquer castles.

Pirate Team = A team that intentionally has no castles so you can’t snipe back.

I’m not sure you understand what “countersniping” means. Countersniping is when you attack an enemy prim while they’re at your castle.


The Prim arrives with 2000 troops, attacks a Primarch. By the time the small team has seen at which castle, the attacker is already dead.
If this happens a few times a day, no one cares. But in the last few days, a team was attacked by the same pirate team more than 100 times every day.

It is a small team, with few active Atlas players, it should perhaps have fewer castles.
But I can understand why this team and other teams facing the same problem in the last weeks are annoyed and frustrated.

This got me thinking a bit about the issue. I’ve been reading the forum on the subject. Found many suggested solutions. But all of them are difficult to implement. The suggestion “No Castle = No Glory to Castles” seems to me easy to implement and effective. And I did not find it in the forum. Therefore this contribution.

But I must admit that my English is not very good without a translation program. So if there was this suggestion and I missed it I’m sorry for the double post.

I would expect an officer on a D2 team to know how to countersnipe properly and be less whiny about pirates


  • Countersnipe
  • Make your castle less appealing to snipers
  • Get over it
  • Go pirate yourself :pirate_flag:

This is a pretty ridiculous idea. Being hit is something you accept when you choose to have castles. Instead of being better you want to dictate how everyone should play?


You can defend and hit them back as they’re hitting you.

Use alliance chats or get friends to hit them back.

People should still get glory regardless of what they do in atlas. It’s the same thing (almost) as attacking in NML, except you’re taking more and giving more damage. (correct me if I am missing something.)

There have been many many threads about stopping Pirate Teams. Just search up “pirates” and you will get a few results. There was one only two weeks ago or less.


you are an officer at D2 team.
and yet you are still here complaining about pirates and about cant retailate them.
lets say they have a castle? how much glory would you get from that retaliate?
pirates only attack for glory, and they can do that multpile times.
how many times you can retaliate and settle down for 0-20% glory?

ps: another thread which is suppose to be in whaa whaa section


Yeah, so learn how to countersnipe.

This was actually suggested in another thread, and it got shot down pretty quickly. Still, it’s a terrible idea. If you don’t want to get hit, become a pirate. If you’re going to own a castle, you can’t complain that you’re getting hit, because you chose to own a castle.


I would like to make something clear here:
This post has nothing to do with me, nor with the team I play for!

I brought up this topic because I’ve been reading the complaints of small teams for a while now. And it escalated with over 100 attacks on a team in one day. And that over a period of several days.

pirate teams are smaller than those small teams.
they actually do a public service.
“learn to defend your castle”
“be faster”
“acknowledge the mechanics of Atlas”


Im on a pirate team.

Now, i would love i, if me and my mates were able to hit and conquer a castle, and beeing able to hold it. I would prefer that to sniping all day…would make it alot more fun, alot more challenging, and require alot more team effort.

However, thats not possible without joining a huge alliance… No way to hold a castle unless yer in one… im guessing seriously hard to even conquer one in the first place.

I play this game when i have the time, and opportunity to do so…My job, my family, my friends, my chores… will always be prioritized… I do however, have quite alot of time where im able to play anyway. But i cannot log in at any given time… i have no time to spend defending castles that belong to some distant team i hardly ever heard of… And i seriously do not like the idea of someone in a different team in a higher league are going to dictate who i can/cannot attack and when i need to do so…

So im not a pirate because i enjoy hitting and running… im a pirate because that is the playstyle that suits me best at the moment… I loose out on ALOT of resources this way…but i already have a job, with bosses… dont want to spend my freetime with more bosses telling me what to do…

Want to get rid of pirates you say? Figure out a way to get rid of the mega alliances, and you might just succeed…

Not trying to be an asshole here… Just want you to see things from the other side… I would LOVE to get the same resources as you do. I just dont accept the cost of it…


It reads like you’re going sniping within reason. A style of play that there’s nothing wrong with.
It doesn’t read like you’re going to hit a team 100 times in one day.

And this is 100% opinion. Who’s to say that hitting a castle 100 times repeatedly isn’t reasonable :man_shrugging:


That is correct. I do not hit the same castle over and over… And i think that most pirates are like me. I will even stop sniping a certain castle if they ask me to do so politely :wink: Might not stop if the try to threaten me… I dont know why someone would attack the same castle a hundred times like this. I suggest asking whoever is doing this why…mabe someone pissed them off, or mabe you are doing something special to encourage them… like having siegers with 200k troops, and no taunters…

I think this is not a problem with pirates in general…more a problem of bullying…