Stop spawning beasts at same spots please!

@pgEcho @PGDave I know y’all have coded a set number of beasts spawn spots onto each region. However can you please add a check that if a beast is already present to spawn elsewhere?

I have had 3 times in a row the beast spawning on the same spot over another. Same spot. I only took screens for the second and third.

It’s ridiculous!


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My eyes! :see_no_evil: Not only are the beasts doing some crazy stuff but those team colors are blinding :persevere:

Edit: :scream: Is Jeff following me around the forums now?? :see_no_evil:


what else do i have to do with my life.

:eyes: I heard this rumor that there’s a PVP event going on.

On topic: I agree with @Grumpybigbird that having the beasts spawn right on top of each other is very annoying, especially if you’re trying to do the first shard multipliers of the day and you want to go after the beast that will give you the best shard payout.


And goldmines

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ffs for real. q.q

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