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As some of you may already know, the next atlas event is Primarch and Rider leveling. I have a bunch of XP on my prime from glory hunting, and lots on my rider from the castle swaps that we do as a team in pvp events. In regards to the primarch, I don’t have enough gold to level up my sieger. My storage still only goes to 2.58M and the next sieger levelup requires 3M. How would I get more room for gold in my storage hut?

Side note: I’m level 107, will be 108 soon. Idk when the next gold increase in storage is, so I’m putting this here for you all to know…

Use diamonds


I used diamonds to finish the upgrade

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Gold storage follows storage building, so until you level up, you have to use diamonds.

You can see max storage here.


Ok thanks

Well, you can count on using diamonds to upgrade primes pretty much permanently. I can’t remember the last time my storage actually had enough capacity to hold the gold for a prime upgrade. Most likely it was back at about lvl 75 or so. At lvl 310, I’m still using diamonds every prime upgrade event to lvl up a prime.

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Oof wow… well thanks for the help anyways

Congrats on getting to 107!!! Sapphire time! :hugs::hugs:

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At that level you can store nearly 18m gold, should be enough to level primarchs without diamonds except maybe the last s2 levels. But you’re right that up to about 300 diamonds will be the way, fortunately they drop like candy now.


Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:

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