Storage Hut blocking progress

I can’t incubate Harbinger eggs until I upgrade my Incubator to level 12, which requires 1.6m lumber. I need a level 81 Storage Hut to hold that much, but my hut is currently at level 65.

The upgrade takes 42 1/6 days per level, that’s 674 days, almost 2 years. The timers would cost $300. At best I earn 100 timers every 15 days. At that pace it will take over 3 months to earn that many timers.

Is there anything wrong with my calculations? Any advice about how to deal with it?

It’s a side effect of the discounts. Your storage is a long way behind, but you’ve been able to keep leveling your towers because they are heavily discounted.

At least they stopped adding new storage levels past level 100.


ur own fault for not keeping ur storage hut leveled on par to ur tier :man_shrugging:t2:


Who else’s fault would it be?? So I should always be upgrading my storage hut even outside fortification events? At least until I catch up.

Thanks. So I’ve just got to grind it out. Painful.


You should at least have the storage hut in upgrade between the fortifications, that will make sure you not need to speed up your storage building.
And i can asure you, you arent the first that will find out it’s way behind in leveling that building.
I don’t know your level, but good luck, you will get there.


Its a painful progress blocker.

I would look to expand sources of timers.

The festive line with Draconics is a great source if you can get at least 300 - 600 of the chests.

Atlas is another great source. Just doing the bi weekly events gives a decent amount of 1hr timers and then the prizes add 12hr clocks.

Main game elite isnt too expensive and lets you build 2 towers at once. I remember always having storage hut as a tower that was being upgraded.

Sigils permitting the new lightning tower line is full of timers

Not many of the packs that you buy are very good value for timers, the timer pack is quite poor value

When the super sigil chests come out at the end of the season then buying packs for the rubies to buy super sigil chests can get a great way to complete Draconics or tower lines for the timers.

Once you get past the storage hut limitation its smooth sailing :slight_smile:

I had this same issue a few months back. My friends told me it would take 3 forts to get through it. I maxed my storage hut in the first fort. You should do the new tower line, it’s great for timers.

Thanks. It’s good knowing I’m not the first. Probably won’t be the last

Thanks for the suggestions.

Do you not have a defensive rider with a construction time skill or any of the red-plat construction research done? Because that’s the only way it could cost that much.

Two lessons every needs to learn at some point

  • Dont neglect your research, especially that super cheap early stuff.
  • Dont neglect your storage hut

You may want to take a break from progressing and work on getting that stuff caught up. Most of us have run into that wall face first at some point. NEVER buy packs trying to advance in progress, it wont get you anywhere unless you’re spending thousands. Pace yourself and dont neglect the “small stuff” that doesn’t give the instant gratification like a new shiny tower does.

This is also an issue PG has caused (in multiple ways), people who dont participate in atlas now have no access to defensive riders anymore. All the def riders are now in atlas and seasons only offer offensive ones instead of a mix

ZeroDucksGvn, thanks for your reply. 42 days is what the chart says. When I actually upgrade the SH, it says 34 days, so my construction research has paid off.

When Atlas was introduced, I quit War Dragons because I found it so confusing. I just started again and I still find it totally confusing. I can hunt gold and build troops but that’s about it. I succeeded on my first raid but failed at the next 20.

Any suggestions on how to get going on Atlas? Can you point me to some videos or guides?

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You tube has a bunch of older atlas videos but most of the info is probably still valid, not sure if anyones put out anything new on atlas in a while. Honestly though your best bet is going to be finding the right team. With where you are in the game and what you’re trying to get out of it, I would say look for a team that has a good variety of new hungry players as well as a good bit of veteran players. It’s good to have players around you that have been through it before but also players who are going through the same things too.
I know my team ran into this about a half a year ago with our younger players and honestly most of our veterans had forgotten, but since we are a vocal group the first player that experienced it was able to warn all the others and save them a little grief.
Pg has to make their scratch and unfortunately one of the ways they do it is by making things confusing if not completely misleading, so it’s essential to be on a team that communicates and works together if you want to be successful (especially without spending).

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Thanks, Seven. I shall persevere.

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Breakbeat, thanks for the suggestion about the charged volt tower line. Tons of timers! I’ve got my incubator upgrading with enough timers to finish it when the breeding event begins.

Back on track. Not so painful after all.


At that part of the game storage hut is a huge issue it’s why I quit playing my alt. I would love to see these times reduced to 3 seconds like den levels are. Newer players will struggle hard here, for that part of the game, with a long way yet to go to catch up. Eliminating the time on them would really go a long way!


Thats a good idea - 3s might upset people that just completed it but if they took out 5 days per level each season and ended up at 3s per level then that’s a win for new players.

You must be very wrong with defensive rider and your research.
Most of the players in your level should have -37% build time.

In this case, 42 days with -37% boost will get you around 26.5 days not 34 days.

I don’t think the OP has atlas, so doesn’t have the extra construction discount.

Joining an atlas team and hiring the free defensive rider will save lots of timers.