Storage hut increase


Was ten days per upgrade now 40 plus days for storage hut which you get next to nothing xp for what kinda of bullcrap is this


Seriously? You’re going to argue about the time it takes to upgrade storage?


Heheh wait till you see the higher levels.

It is a bit silly though


Not arguing but it changed due to beta primark used to take like 20 days plus to upgrade so they reduced time on that then lowered the gold we could store then they changed so we could store more gold but have to upgrade storage hut then increase time just pathetic in my opinion not argueing a point just stating the obvious


What is kind of silly is that to be able to upgrade some towers to next level you need two 45 day storage upgrades.


My point is just… Of everything to complain about its something that benefits you? Why do you want xp from storage, it’s just a necessary part of a base. Leveling too quickly is not wise and it helps prevent that. You should be glad they don’t make upgrades as long as building upgrades.


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