Storage question

With storage changing to 40+ day upgrades had me thinking and I’m not sure one way or the other…
Would it be a good idea for an elite account holder to always except during Fort have storage as always one of the upgrades? Maybe speed it up sometimes here and there but to just always keep it upgrading?

Think this would help with progressing further in the game faster?

Obviously if it’s really needed the extra storage right away smart thing would be speed it up to finish but I’m
Talking about that I don’t at this time need a larger storage I know I will so I’m just seeing if it would be a good idea to just always stay on the storage and just keep it as one of the upgrades?

Or just really upgrade when needed?


You have the right idea! Absolutely keep it running outside of fort, or else it’s really going to eat into your timers. The only bad thing about that is when feeding roles around, you have to speed up to use food boosts.


I always have storage upgrading unless fortify or feed events so I can apply boosts


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