Store and war and chat

Let us fight others players at any level or let us fight AI’s until we think we are strong enough to fight actual players and reduce the price of the store so all people can buy stuff and get rid of the elite/VIP status because not everyone buy it due to having buy stuff in the store and let us stop guild wars in our guilds because some people are too overpowered and will use lower level players and guilds to an advantage and let us mute the chat as well.

We can do that if you promise to start using punctuation, at least a few periods? Thanks.


Answer in bold.


That didn’t help

Which one?

All of it

The Amazing Mech predicts:

  • L38
  • Gold 4 or 5
  • 8M medals
  • Team activity 40/100
  • Team members 28/50

Now lets see how i did


What’s that?

I was way off

Bronze II
23.7k medals
team activity 4/100
team members 4/50


Again what’s that

I was guessing your stats based on your initial questions and responses.

To sum it up, you are asking a lot of things that are extremely unreasonable in this game. This game is built around the premise that any player can attack any player regardless of level, that any player has the ability to further themselves with spending money on items vs waiting for items to be given or earned in game. The title of the game even suggests that WAR is inevitable and is a part of every day life around here.

My suggestion is to play the game a little longer, grow your account personally, JOIN a team instead of making your own, and learn the ropes/mechanics a bit better. You will come to enjoy the game, it’s not one of those AI games where you can only choose to fight against the computer, you MUST fight against other players.


I’m not going random strangers group just to be kicked out

Even at low level, you can contribute to the team.
Ember can provide xp run, which helps even lv 100+.


Welcome to War Dragons! On the forums, you will see a lot of people with varying experience in the game, including those who know a lot about it and have been playing for years.

Matchmaking is actually based off of your level. The reason it doesn’t allow you to pick any level is to keep big players from easily attacking little levels. Also, you get very little of anything (XP, food, wood, medals) from attacking little players. If you feel you are struggling to attack real bases, remember that it’s okay to use multiple dragons and get help from your teammates!

They have multiple packs for a variety of people. As much as we all wish things were cheaper, they won’t be. It’s okay, you don’t have to spend. You can get free items from attacking bases and participating in events.

People should but Elite before ANYTHING in the store. It’s a great value. However, you are not required to purchase anything at all.

There are a variety of leagues and teams in the game. Join a stronger team if you want to be on a team that wins more. If you like your own team, you’ll just have to roll with people being stronger than you.

If you didn’t know, you can actually mute individual players!

Lastly, @spidergirl4699 please stop flagging every post as "Off-Topic" just because you dislike the answer.

Let me quote my earlier post.

Bookmark the base (by send a mail first).
Use Death Gaze only, hit 4 towers, ignore farms and mills, then swap. With the setup, you can gain 50% capped exp for your (other) dragon (+ Ember), and help 2 other player getting 75% capped exp.

How are you supposed to get it?

Ember? Ember is a dragon you can breed by going to the Breeding Castle. He’s a Red Dragon.

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Leviathan + Aetrix

Sounds like something I can’t get