Store Purchase - Gifting

This feature used to be ingame - but was taken away due to some issues with a letter saying it would return once fixed ???

Yet during certain events its enabled for a specific prize

I miss having this feature in fact it was disabled on android so i brought an apple
then it was disabled on apple

the feature was great to have as an officer and now as leader to promote team activity
we had weekly mvp gifts for wars
and monthly gifts for dedicated player.

It would be great to have this feature back.
as many members dont have money but chipped in and played hard tk win these packs within the team.




I agree.

I don’t get why re-enabling gifts would be an issue? It’s clearly NOT broken if it’s being enabled during events for things they’re trying to promote. Once again, it’s all about the $$$$$$$

How would enabling gifts hurt their profits in any way? And why would it be a bad thing? It’s so stupid that we haven’t gotten this back yet.

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Not buying enough packs doesn’t mean that we can’t have healthy progress.
Also, I hate team monetization.


Since PG can’t plug in a lot of issue regarding cheating, if they return this feature it’s like adding a hole on a boat in the middle of an ocean.


I’m not sure there’s many people who want to see the return of boobies for rubies that is likely to come back with the gifting reactivation

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@Arelyna Good morning :wave: since gifting is disabled and we do not know for how long this will be… could we asked to be charged for packs on our account through customer service and said packs given to an specific IGN? Is this possible?

Just give someone an iTunes card code if you really want to gift them something.


Better yet, give your CC details :joy::joy::joy:

Thats a good idea, thank you! :blush:

Be aware of country restrictions. I don’t know iTunes cards but Google Play cards have to be from the same country that the account is registered with in Google. You can change the account country, just saying that both must be the same.


Hopefully i will not have problems, but i know somehow there will be a way to figure out how to send a gift like this… will definitely investigate more! Thank you!!

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I’m glad this post/thread is here, I almost wrote the exact thing word for word lol (minus the it was once always a feature, as I wasn’t around then :wink: )

I actually asked about this recently, and was told it wasn’t available currently… I think both team officers/leaders, team members, and PG’s pocket could definitely benefit year round from this I’d think :slight_smile: I did see it present during last Valentine’s Day…

I currently have to go a roundabout way… Being from the states, I can buy a Google Play/Apple Store card physically and provide winner of a raffle/contest/etc the code upon winning. However it gets a bit more tricky outside of states for me, but I did just successfully purchase and provide a Belgium winner with an appropriate code very recently too (after being told gifting wasn’t available lol). Hope this helps!

– “startselect” is the site that has many options for international purposes.

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