Storing mills/farms

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Just curious why I can store all defensive towers but not my mills/farms and start them over from scratch? Is it because that would significantly lower what people would be able to raid during fort/feeding? My base is a little underpowered for my level and trying to slow down from over leveling but as fort event happens monthly it’s a bit hard to try and get the achievements without getting to far ahead of myself and not being able to keep up with building hut eggs etc.

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Storage hut lvl depends on how much your farms and mills produce per hour. It might be a program error if you store one of ur farms. I think thats one reason?


Why would you want to store a farm?

I think he wants to keep being able to re-build them over and over for fort score without leveling his account up if I understand correctly.

If you are doing serious hard core egg token grinding.

If this is true then it’s a good thing they don’t let us store them :sweat_smile:


Yep lol I’d max those rewards every month

yes the fort score is a part of it but also trying to not get too much xp to get past where I want to be while balancing out my base because when I started I did not really understand how fast you level vs where your dragons can attack and still get decent xp from other bases. Thank you again for the input

Just a recommendation:

There is a section in there on “fixing your current base” I think that guide will be of great help to you from the sound of it!

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Don’t upgrading farms/mills only give 400xp to your level anyway… ?
not gonna break your level vs dragons ratio. I might be wrong but I don’t level these to get xp only for forti easy points

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You’re correct but I think you replied to the wrong person

I just replied to the last one on the listen sorry mate! Still haven’t figured out how to quote in forums using my iPhone either :flushed:

If you’re really hard up on fort points, I’d recommend totems ONLY if you have lots of elemental embers. They give ZERO xp

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Any building on your main island tho the speed ratio may not be great depending on your level… but the BEST is upgrade your training den 3 seconds… literally

you mainly just want to get point in event without leveling up.
What would you do if you get point in event, you would get the prize. the prize are including rare material. It would make some bases with plenty of rare material towers and lead to imbalance. For example, a base with fire flak, ice flak, dark flak combination all the way with the ending point of max level of all kind of totems. What kind of base is that? You mess up in the first place so it time for you to slow down and skip the building event point.
you can say that someone only play in pvp and get the prize then skip building to stay at that level. The result is the same as that one need to skip building event

I want to store my farms…they are worth 50% of my base atm. I want to have a layout where:

Rage Drain is on 1st perch island (remove the perch)

Kill island (in mech’s Guide) is on the first Long Island closest to the storage hut, dragon den, etc.

Farms are not on the base so that ember can’t take out a good chunk of it and players can’t take rss but then I don’t get any rss.

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