Storing Towers = Ban?

Here I am getting hammered this PVP event because I am 120 points. My notifications are going crazy and instead of turning them off because I will probably forget, I’d like to store my towers and reduce my PVP score. Why is this a bannable offense for the general population again?

Just turn off your notifications if it bothers you, instead of manipulating the event to suit you. How hard can it be?


So not a real answer, just a work around? Thanks for your reply.

I’m sure you already know why it’s a bannable offense. If you somehow forgot you’re welcome to use the search function. If you’re not actually asking a question at all and are just trying to rant, please go do that in lc or something.


No actually it was an offense for a specific PVP event and now it seems like we’re relegated to ALL PVP events?

Great job of communication of PG’s end, huh? Unless you read every comment on the forums, and read between the lines, stuff like this happens all too often.

Edit for the replies below: The OP clearly didn’t see it, so there’s that, and there have been many instances of big changes going through without a in game mail.

I still dont get it , if u’re worth 120 points means your base is stronger than 46 teammates , meaning maybe more defendable if u built it properly . So your team has more chance to defend it . As for the notifications u can turn them off selectively till end of pvp as morreion suggested .

Unless you’re looking to test something else :face_with_monocle:


Seems like an envious position to own. Especially when self defended.

That might be the problem right there. Best bet if someone does’t want to defend and they are tired of notifications, they should store everything but farms and take a 5 day break. :slight_smile:

A 5 day break ? Turn off notifications :eyes:

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll…

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store them and see if you get banned or not.

if you do get banned, then it’s a good reason to quit the game. :rofl: :joy:


Maybe just de-perch your dragon with defense rider? It’s technically not storing a tower. :sunglasses:


So, let’s imagine you store your towers. Your teammate immediately below you will now be worth the same 120 points. Your teammate has a low DP than you, so it will be in a worse position than you are now. Storing your tower would be very detrimental for your team. Doesn’t feel like a solution to me


Mmmm, perhaps should reread PG message they sent to everyone regarding this?

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you might want to check out the in game mail that was sent. Posted above.

Support said storing your perch is fine

Did you ask them about my other ideas?

What am I, your secretary?

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No. But PG mostly ignores me these days.
Thought maybe you would help a poor guy out.