Storm resist - change it

So storm resist is one of those resists that means “occupying a slot”, and it pained me even more to find it now on iteru (🤦). I believe it is begging for a change. I thought something as- even when storm shield is up one can deal 25 % damage or reduce the time a bit the shield goes up.
I do know shields play an important role specially on war defends but like this, dragons with this resist are just a notch weaker (legendary equals epic and epic equals rare). OR, maybe just erase this resist and update dragons spell. Maybe I would welcome skarr again while
in sapphire :joy::joy:

No. I’ll just equip them to hunters then…poor defenders. :blush:

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25% would still make it hard :yum: it’s just storm towers are good only for the shield, by the time the resist is useful your dragon may die with 1 cannon shoot :joy::joy::joy:

It actually won’t do anything to change the way you would fly a base. It would still be best option to kill the storm first.

Good point! Just erasing it the would suffice then

Haha no that makes it too powerful. Plus storm resists are easily equipped. I’ll tag it onto every hunter.

Classic towers (Storm, Cannon, Treb, etc) are not the damage doing towers in a modern defense setup. Where classic towers are used at all, they are used only for their special abilities (shield, break shield, stun, etc). The real damage is done with flaks and turrets.

As such all of the resists and buffs for classic towers are useless. This is a big part of why silver chests are nothing but junk (rare resist poison anyone?).

PG should either retire these items, or buff the classic towers into relevance again.

yes buff the classic towers!!! :slight_smile:


Even buffing what good will it be on storm case? Special power is meant just for shield so the resist will always be symbolic, as even now the damage from storm is lower than the othwrs

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