Storm tower-medal thief?πŸ‘€πŸ˜³

Can you explain us,please,what does it mean?:slight_smile:

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Apparently it steals medals - perhaps from the medals you would have earnt from the run - say instead of 5000 you get 4500 because the storm tower hit you.

But frankly - no one cares and neither should you…

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That is a strange attack. :face_with_monocle:

Perhaps in days gone by when dragons were only crawling about on land, storm towers had a purpose other than shield…:man_shrugging:

When it does damage to you it takes away medals from your victory. If you normally get 5000 medals, you might only get 2000 (or less) even though you killed the entire base with 1 dragon

I’m pretty sure it still works as ive has a number of battles where I used the storm tower to build rage, and the medal count was very low. But nobody cares that much… it’s a pointless mechanic. And my battles I referenced were just normal battles, not any scientific method applied.

I’ve heard from others it doesn’t do what it says anymore, but I think it’s more likely nobody cares if their medals are stolen. It would be a lot more effective if it stole medals beyond what that battle produced. Lol. Might stop people from gaining rage on them.

Maybe. Medals = meh who cares :man_shrugging:

Now if it stole say rubies - hahaha that would be interesting!! :rofl:

Yeah but I bet you if people’s lifetime medals went down a few million each time they would lose it.

A few M!? wow that’s some storm tower!! :rofl:

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