Strange billing


Has anyone else noticed additional charges that they didn’t purchase? On two separate occasions I have been billed at $14.99 for nothing. There isn’t even anything in the store at that price that I am aware of. Previously I bought a pack for $4.99 and a $14.99 charge followed. Then yesterday I bought a $19.99 pack and a separate $14.99 charge followed. I’ve been playing about a year now, and this is a recent issue for me. However I am contemplating quitting the game over this “theft” of my money.


Have you submitted a ticket?
If so, please post the ticket number here.


Sometimes the charges are delayed and grouped together. I’ve had that happen before.
Match the charges to what you purchased. If it’s over the amount you know you spent, dispute them.
PG can’t do much about the charges/billing as that’s all handled by Apple and Google iirc.


You should go to official Apple site and check all recipes
If there is something extra-you can refund purchase
Check up if you don’t have another device,tied to your AppleID(kid or another family member)


I went to Apple. Here’s the scoop… several different Apple accounts were “piggybacking” on my Apple purchases. How they got my card info is beyond me. But they did. So Apple is refunding me About $50.00 but I have to do a fraud claim with my bank for the rest. Bottom line is that it’s something to do with players on this app. I play no other games and I don’t make any purchases in iTunes other than this game… no music… nothing. So the perp, or perps are associated with this game. All frauds piggybacked WD pack purchases


Piggybacking? Did you have to change your credit card info? I had a $4.99 charge show up on my cc and it was for a Atlas Elite pack amount charge which is the only $4.99 charge I do. I called the cc and they would put a fraud alert on my cc and stop all transactions from the company for at least 90 days. it would really screw things up for me.

I didn’t contact Apple though.


I went to buying Google Cards or Itune cards, canceled my credit card and got a new one as awhile back I had a similar issue with another game. So now I only use gift cards or my Paypal as they are good about if you file a dispute.


Yea they do tend to piggyback purchases. I noticed this too quite some time back but if it bothers you stop spending for a bit to make sure your not being fraudulently charged.


Where I live you can actually buy them from some warehouse clubs (Sam’s club, BJ’s, Costco) for less than their face value (come in multi-packs). I give them for Christmas. If I were to spend on this game, I would do that and save a bit of money.


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