Strange Lands (fall 2021) sigil lines spreadsheet

Started a new sheet again for the fall season. So far, not a lot has changed other than the addition of Ascension Tokens, and one extra evo stone in the dragon line for Artisan tier.

You can find the sheet for this season here:


Fantastic :muscle:


May I inquire what assumption is made about the timer/electrum prizes in the Archmage branch?


You can see the picks made when you look at the branch itself, in this case it is timers over electrum.


Thank you! Sorry that I missed the other tabs, it was very clear once I went to the correct one.


Thank you!!

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Added the new champion riders line.

It looks pretty interesting compared to the regular old rider line. Less timers, but lots more tokens and more chests (of various flavors).

Note that the totals in the summary treat it as a resource line and assume you take chests on every node. If you actually want to level the riders you will have to take some of the rider nodes of course. Plan ahead and see if you prefer to miss out on golds, plats, or draconics by picking the right nodes where you pick shards (if you need less than the full 600).

Also the first three keys are pretty cheap compared to most other lines if you need just a few more.

As always the sheet shows unboosted values. The shard nodes aren’t boosted, but the rest is 20% more for 2 weeks.


That’s a lot of egg frags, which I kinda need more than timers at the moment :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:, makes me wonder how it’ll compare to the spell rider branch

If we don’t go for any rider and get all the branch while the boost is active, then champion branch

  • 228 gold chests
  • 39 platinums
  • 29 draconics
  • 122k egg tokens
  • 18k embers
  • 226 12h timers

now, if we compare with the tower branches, even without 20% boost, would you recommend to go for tower branch?

i know it’s all up to player’s needs and preferences but i am asking as a general question and according to value

Cheked again, meh… and i don’t think that this branch is worth to go for, even without riders


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To me it seems pretty on par with the electrum line to be honest, more chests for one, but the egg tokens are amazing. I think I’ll be able to get both lines this season, but it’s a tough choice for anyone that won’t get both,


There will also be a spell-granted rider branch this season, i guess i will wait for him/her and skip this egg-fest

Don’t forget a limited time branch with an awesome portrait!

But yeah, it makes it tough going for the 20% boosts because of later lines, I stopped doing that after the season with Sola…

There are bunch of changes in the season but nothing affected me yet, except an early spending 37k for the tower line. I am afraid to have a really bad rider just because he/she got a spell, then another decision making part. I feel like 70 :older_man:


It has better chests than the tower line, and a bucket of egg tokens, but no electrum or timers. I’d say that for most people the tower branch is still better value, but the champion branch is considerably better than the dragon branch or the traditional rider branches from earlier seasons.

Also if you’re looking for cheap keys the champion branch is worth a look for the first three.


Added the portrait line to the sheet.

I had a quick look at the valuation, and most of the nodes are worth a bit less than the sigils they cost, making them not terrible, but also not worth getting unless you really want something after it.

Two nodes are different.

  • The embers in node 2 are very nice value, 8k embers for 500 sigils is a steal. The energy in node 1 is more or less cost-neutral so if you have sigils to spare this one is nice
  • The platinum chests in node 10 are also very very good by themselves, 100 sigils per chest is really nice. However you do have to pay quite a bit to get there. The overall cost is still lower than the overall value, so it’s still not bad, but it’s quite an expense early in the season, with 20% boosts left and right to get too.
  • Portraits of course are worth whatever you decide they are worth. If you feel the sigils are a fair price for the portraits themselves, the prizes on the way are good enough to cover their own cost so go for it if you want them enough.

All in all I think getting the first two nodes is good for anyone who can use embers.

Getting the first 10 nodes makes a lot of sense if you want the portraits anyway. If not it’s still fairly good if you don’t need the sigils anywhere else.

Anything past 10 you only get because you want the portrait.

The ascension token is a whale-only thing I think.


Thanks Morreion awesome analysis as always :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I wonder, say I only get the first two node for the emberd and the embers alone, would you feel 8k embers for 1k sigils be worth it or in that case that’d make the embers too much expensive?

(what i mean is, i’m not currently in need of energy, so if 1k is too expensive might as well spend it on an archmage or orrery line for rss)

I feel like I’m not really adding anything to this discussion… but this seems to be the answer for which you are looking.