Strange scenario with shields

I need help with a scenario I have been blessed with participating in. Maybe some light can be shed on this since i am getting nowhere with help from the help desk

Recently after this last pvp, my team was trying to take an island belonging to a former atlas GhostlandTW. All was well and the castle bubbled after we attacked a bit. 20-30 of our teammembers were present and sitting on the island waiting for bubble to clear. That morning, after watching and waiting from 7 to 8 CST, i went to work and nothing bad changed. I logged into line app to check regular status of alliance and i had a message of MomoTaiwans name now under the island we were sitting on. It was of course bubbled and then the big stink started. 5-6 teams moved in on us and they dropped the shield and wiled us out. COMPLETELY. Attacks coming every 2-3seconds. Over 500k troops gone. All primarch were gone. All i keep gettibg from help desk is the shield from ghostland was dropped because of upkeep being unpaid and someone else was able to conquer.

My question and problem is the process in which Momotaiwan came to obtain control of the castle underneath us and have a shield in the process? I mean, there was no fighting, no alerts, no anything. Poof-they own it and its shielded. Is there something im missing?

On another disturbing side note, i have screenshots from conversations of two other replies from help desk that are quite conflicting. The stories they gave were not consistent.

If we lose troops in a game that we send to battle, then thats fine. I can take that. If we lose troops from glitches, hackers, or cheaters, thats where i have to draw the line.


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Might well be a bug, as I’ve heard some strange stuff, and nobody should be able to conquer while primarchs are present.

I believe it is also possible that the governor of the previous team could change teams and give the land to momo even when banned. So maybe this is what happened.

@PGEggToken too

Thats my thoughts as well, there were 20-30 of us there and it mysteriously changed names with a shield.

Or it could be what they said… that upkeep was due, then wasn’t paid because that team was banned from Atlas, another team came in and killed all ur primarchs then conquered the island.

No ReadyPlayerOne, that was not the case. As photos clearly show, the names change without shield ever dropping or us losing a single troop. The last photo was around lunch time for me when I logged in to check status since I couldn’t be on while working. It could be possible that another player was so fast and coordinated that no one ever had a chance to see them move in and take control, but how could it happen that a shield would be in place when we never attacked? Wouldn’t you think that momotaiwan would have had to have some sort of interaction of some sort to trigger a shield?

The photos came a little out of order, the top one where Abner is controlling was the end result.


Governor changed teams. It may be that they were not banned (individually) and simply joined MomoT. I believe PG intends to stop castles from going with the governor this week.

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The explanation that was given doesn’t say anything about govenor switching. They totally and completely bypass that fact. The pictures aren’t even being discussed. All that keeps being talked about with help desk is the fact that the upkeep went unpaid.

They cant conquer while your primes are present.


But according to help desk, the other team saw lack of passive protection and was able to conquer it. Even tho we had 20-30 people sitting all around the castle.

See how the explanations and stories don’t add up? This is why the thread is present. We need resolve and reimbursement, not an excuse trying to justify a screwed up situation.

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I believe they should not be able to attack castle guards while primes are present either

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That came from PGEggToken - I think he must be very busy as he should know you can’t conquer a land while primarchs are present no matter if upkeep expired or not. (At least it doesn’t work for me)

I still think the governor changed teams (possibly after upkeep expired)

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I believe that,since GLTW been disbanded,Governor simply joined another team and took island over
It’s only one situation,when you can conquer island,with enemy primarches present there.

Since when does Helpdesk know what they’re talking about :man_shrugging:t2:

Well, the reply posted by OP was from EggToken, not from “standard” helpdesk.

What level is the infrastructure there now? Did that change? If it did not, then the governor “theft” is a very possible explanation. Failing to pay upkeep should have caused existing infrastructure to get stored… Still, how they were able to conquer while you were present does present something of an issue. Especially since they would have received boosts and more glory once they became “defenders” on their own land.

This is very plausible, as individual players were banned instead of the entire team, and I’m trying to look for the possibility of this having happened. Based on other logging, upkeep was definitely a factor because the night before was when it was slated to expire. The Governor has been changed already to another player (not to mention ownership of the castle), so it’s very tricky to try and go back to find the previous owner.

Is there any other info I could possibly offer to help out?