Strange scenario with shields


@Ares68 From your team’s end, no, not likely. I’ll need to consult someone on the team with the specific set of skills needed to root out what happened, but it’s highly unlikely that this was due to some sort of “foul play”.

We’re removing the Governor “theft” mechanic in v4.30, btw. Unfortunately, that wasn’t soon enough to be ruled out as being the culprit here.


With this option being removed… can we get another option?

Donate fort?
Because, some of us have new teams we are sponsoring in Atlas and I’d love to give them forts to start helping them build up… however, we have put 100’s of thousands of guards on some of them.
So these smaller teams even if we vacated the forts would have to do 1000’s of hits to “conquer it”

Maybe, limit the option to Leaders only and give them that option to donate 1 per week or something?



Castle ownership transfer is something we’re working on.


Is there any new update or information found? I found this post to be quite interesting…




This v4.30 change should do away with the belligerent Castle Guards when upkeep expires:

[Atlas] When castle upkeep expires, the team will lose control of their castle, but instead of losing all of their castle guards, 30% are lost and the remaining 70% of will be converted back into Team Glory.


It’s exploiting
Saw absolutely same scenario today with team DragonAlliance
At first,they gave Island to another team,using swapping Governor
Then they been doing something with shield in specific way,which let them exploit game mechanics and avoid losing troops
We figured what it was and reported to @PGDave please,check pm🙏🏻
Don’t want to write here and let other ppl use it


You’re wasting your time PlayWithMe we’ve submitted proof of backdoor a and loopholes after getting banned and nothing is being done. Supposedly after this past update it will change but as far as the 550k troops lost prior to the update. We get a big fat :fu:t2:.

I’ve asked for info, asked for explanations, asked for any news. Apparently it takes days and weeks to search for anything. I assume in hopes that you’ll forget or just get too frustrated and buy packs to recoup what was WEASELED BY EXPLOITING.

I am done. Please Close this thread. It was nothing but a waste of time


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