Strange war bug

Hi my team is currently participating in an war. While scrolling through the other teams players I found a bug/hacked account. It says the player is level 31 on the war screen but if I click on attack it says the player is level 10. Not sure what to make of this.

That’s a bugged one :joy:
Encountering such team during PvP event is :yum:

Ok thanks.

It can happen when two accounts are run on the same device.


:thinking: IIRC, someone did say that certain checkbox caused this.
I run 2 acc on my device, and haven’t got the problem (though if my main get my alt’s level displayed, it’d be interesting :smirk:)

I didn’t say that it ALWAYS happened when two accounts are run on the same device :upside_down_face: only that it can happen :wink: (Technically I think that’s the only way for this particular bug to manifest, but it is possible to avoid it if you do things properly instead of lazily…)

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