Strangedragons wants you! (Recruiting)


We are a social and active team who is looking for people who like playing WarDragons and will participate in wars and events. We won’t beg you to do war runs, but if you miss them without a heads up because adulting happens, then you won’t be a strangedragons teammate for long. Adulting happens, but be fair to teammates and let people know ahead of time.

We have been together as a core over a year and are drama free. We help each other with xp, resources, and war runs. We would take an active and enthusiastic 55 over a bored, non participating 150 any day. Most important rule at strangedragons is that this is a game so have fun! Contact me in game or any strangedragon officer, we want you! We have an alt holding a few spots.

Minimum level preferred is 60, but talk to us, strange things happen every day. :grin:


I can’t poach your pitch, but I sure want to! Nicely written. :+1:t4:


We are a Platinum team, sorry I forgot :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. If you know of anyone who might be interested or a good fit, let me know!


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