StrangeLands Stream Notes + Leaderboard Rewards, Atlas Season (base reskin)


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  • (no overview slide this time?)
  • The upcoming blog post Wednesday will have much more details on this stuff.
  • I’m just going to leave portraits to the official notes coming up.
  • Costs: 37.5K Sigils on dragon branches with mythics costing 20 keys
  • Rider changes (more info to come in a blog post):
    • Riders are going to be upgraded instead of increasing the number of riders.
    • Purple Atlas Rider Shards will turn Blue, and the atlas rider branch will still be available but won’t include a new rider.
    • There’ll be a new spell ability on upgraded riders called spell riders. There’ll still be an option to place a spell there to override the rider’s spell. Restricted spell combos will still be respected (e.g. can’t apply Invincible Spell on dragons that already have that family of spell); this won’t be Wave 1 but later this season. These aren’t the same as the champion riders.
    • This season will have three champion riders: Grogg, Tor, and Kayla. These will all be in Wave 1 (per RDM).
    • The new level cap will be L60 from L50.
    • Players who already have the rider won’t need to collect the full line to level up to L60. Those who have the three at L50, though, will have the currency to take all three to L60.
  • Mythic Changes/Ascension Tokens
    • Each full cost branch will have 6 keys and 2 ascension tokens to use towards the mythic dragons.
    • One Ascension Token is in the middle, and one is at the end. The mythic dragons themselves won’t have ascension toekns.
    • Use them to claim an exotic rune, new skin (just appearance, no stat boost), and exotic glyph (locked to the dragon). They’ll still continue to have the typical runes and glyphs that don’t need ascension tokens.
    • Ascension Token purchases also return a key and ascension tokens at some point.
    • I’m not including cost details here, as they’re were to be confirmed, so wait for the blog. Edit: Octus included that it’ll be 8 for the rune, 2 for the skin, 2 for the glyph. Ty Zami
    • The tokens are season-specific, so there’s no reason to save them to use on a dragon in a future season, though they can also be turned at the next season’s redemption branch.
    • If all branches are claimed, you’ll have the ascension tokens for both mythics.

Wave 1/Week 1-2

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  • As there’s a group image, I’m going to save space in the individual dragon sections. The official notes will have the big splash art anyway :wink:

Steelwing, Mythic Wind Invoker


Nockmar, Mythic Dark Warrior


Gilas (Discount, Legendary Fire Hunter)


Imix (Legendary Dark Sorcerer)


  • fS Note: Aspect of Stealth is not a new spell type or function. Chronoshift on Hauhezen (and From the Shadows on Jjin) functions a similar way and is a Cloak derivative.


Additional Lines

  • Base Boost (Discount)
  • Aftermath Sigil Redemption (2 weeks)
  • Electrum Tower Branch (37K, 6 Keys, 20% Boost, presumably limited time boost, two weeks?)
  • Mission Boost Branch (6.3K sigils, 1 Key)
  • No new wave 1 rider.

Week 3-4

Wave 2.5

Spell Rider: Fera


  • to make riders a bit more interesting/meaningful vs just stat bumps
  • Repeating again, the spell takes the consumable spell spot, but you can override it. It’ll also respect restricted spell combos, e.g. can’t have two invinc shield family spells.

Resurrection Dragon: Somnus, Legendary Dark Sorcerer

  • brought back due to being a fan favorite and sometimes peoples’ entry into Sorc dragon (starting around Duskfall)
  • Cooldowns are a little shorter, particularly noticeable on Death Knell, with a slight boost in power


  • Not having a new dragon is a test to see how it works out

Wave 3

  • Festive Dragon

Leaderboard Rewards


  • All info, including dates/timing/stats/whatever, subject to change.
  • Rider portraits for champion riders aren’t currently planned.
  • RDM says that you can post suggestions for rez dragons on the forums.
  • PG bases nerfs/buffs based upon win rates of dragons.
  • There are no immediate plans for storage hut level increases, but it’s been discussed a little.
  • There will eventually be runes/glyphs for archmages but not sure on exact timing.
  • Gal hinted at a Gilas reskin.
  • RDM unsure about if mythic reskin stays on perch
  • Summit now on Thurs/Fri (Nov. 11 and 12) instead of Fri/Sat, because who wants to work an extra day/weekend? :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Merging eggs not discussed before
  • Chisels to remove gear will be raised with the team
  • They’ll continue with dragon reskins that are more than just color reskins, e.g. glows.
  • fS note: Islands don’t have names, but the monuments do :wink:
  • Base reskins take a ton of work, so they’ll only be done sparingly. Nines mentioned Potato Island :scream:
  • Gal wants TimTams sent to the office. Are there people at the office :thinking:
  • Changes to Atlas riders are being looked into, as other riders get powered up; it’s on the table but no definitive answer/timeline.

Season Timing

  • End of October, there’ll be a limited time branch near Halloween and hints at a second one later in the season.
  • Trading Post Oct. 20 and mid-Nov
  • and then later noted season plan may be a little off, so Gal’s going to double check

Out of context :smiling_imp:

  • RDM can taste the Palpatine.
  • Gal is trying to get the slobber.
  • RDM is going to steal Draco’s job.

Atlas Season

New Base Reskin in an upcoming branch: Dragon Necropolis

  • Some buildings are rotated to show off the base better too.
  • Base reskin redeem is permanent, not seasonal, e.g. SummerKai with both mythics.
  • New branch that lasts the season in atlas, half as long as the others (didn’t specify exactly which ones) with typical other prizes
  • More info out this week, possibly released in a week or two

He’s back, groggy.
:thinking: wonder if I can get enough shards to actually level him this time.


Im disappointed in the invoker, another one shot invoke? Really PG, can you think of nothing else? I know its good but we have had 5 invokers with a one shot spell in a row from lineage and seasons. And Stealwing only has one defensive spell and it is blue with a cooldown. I’d take ikky over Stealwing any day.


Imma just go warrior cause I smell another Naja incoming, besides even if steelwing is fun and potentially name it after a Pokémon known as Skarmory this season seems meh and an omen since it’s title is literally Strangelands. And we have another Mortha dragon who imma assume will struggle a lot on defended and undefended bases I haven’t read the spells since I was late to the stream but all white is never a good idea.

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Is there no wave 2 dragon?

Nope. Resurrection is released then instead

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That’s in the wave 2 section; there’s not a new one.

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So there isn’t? Or at least it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

There is no wave 2 dragon. There won’t be one, at least for this season, as a test.


They specifically said that there won’t be one.


Also token returns as well

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Please forgive my ignorance… But does the ascension tokens get used to get the exotic rune and glyph for mythic…and then once season is over, that dragon loses that exotic rune and glyph or does the dragon forever have use of the specific rune and glyph? I was not clear on this part

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Those (rewards from using the ascension tokens) will stay and won’t go away. It’s just that the ascension tokens can’t be used on the next season’s mythics.


thank you

If I heard correctly, 3 ascension coins needed for each mythic, so 6 total of getting both and want the exotic rune/glyph. So if 2 each come from Gilas and Imix, I’m assuming the last 2 are in the resurrection line?

It’s a bit confusing as these ascension tokens are only for season mythics and NOT used to take new lineage legendary to Mythic status correct?


Yeah, they’re entirely separate from lineage, no crossover.

Wait for the blog post on Wednesday for actual costs and which lines they’re in; I specifically didn’t include them for that reason :wink: